Meet Saloni Panda, the girl with many talents

Meet Saloni Panda, the girl with many talents

Saloni Panda is one of the best food bloggers from her city Pune. She started blogging in 2017 and has been making her name on Instagram with her incredible food content and creativity. She started her page as she was very passionate about food and cooking without thinking about where it would get her. She has come a long way in this food journey.

Apart from being a food blogger, she is also an Odissi Dancer, a digital marketer and a Malaysia book of record holder for Abacus. She has been someone who has always loved to learn new things which has helped her add up to her many skills. She is also called the ‘plating queen’ by many of her followers. Saloni wants to travel all over the globe and try different delicacies in the purest form. She wishes to host her own food and travel show on TV someday.

The best part about her Instagram is that it is dominated by home-cooked food. She is praised for her wonderful work and is an inspiration to many newbie bloggers in town. She believes that even home food can be really amazing. She has the skill of even making the simplest of foods looks amazing. Saloni credits her early success to her parents and her younger brother who have always stood by her and supported her in everything that she ever wanted to do

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