Meet Naman Jain – A Young Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Meet Naman Jain – A Young Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Naman Jain an 18-year-old Indian entrepreneur who started his career studying side by side had a dream of achieving something big. Along with his studies, he started his social media platform thus helping in various campaigns for a variety of industries to scale their business using the same digital marketing strategies that he utilized to grow his brand name.

Naman realizes the significance of digital marketing in a world driven by smartphones. He is there everywhere on social media, be it YouTube, online press or digital promotions. His association with YouTubers and music companies has seen him build an impressive portfolio of experience, besides making him a renowned name in his field of work.

On the other hand, Naman Jain has made his unique niche in the world of PR and digital marketing and, with his skills gives all his clients incredible results through his targeted social media marketing campaigns, strategies, and techniques.

He says without proper branding and marketing, It’s pretty difficult for businesses to survive and thrive in the long run. The forever-changing and evolving technology have pushed many businesses to turn towards the digital medium as this has given fantastic results as compared to the traditional old methods which are time-consuming as well as heavy on the pockets.

Digital Marketer like Naman has struck at the right time by stepping into this zone and setting up their careers rightly, through their expertise, which has resulted in the resurrection of many drowning ventures. Today, Naman is a known name in the digital marketing and PR sphere and is associated with brands and celebrities alike who rely upon his expert services when it comes to marketing themselves online.

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