Meet Airton Barbalho young entreprenuer and Certified aesthetics.

Meet Airton Barbalho young entreprenuer and Certified aesthetics.
  • Who is Airton Barbalho? What are your origins?
  • Airton Barbalho is a 25-year-old Brazilian, a specialist in aesthetics, in love with the world of scientific research since he was 17 years old. He is an expert in the elaboration of articles and that in 2016 he launched his own method of treatment for stretch marks. He began his career as a teacher of his own method for healthcare professionals such as physicians, biomedicians, estheticians, and others. At the beginning of 2019 he left Brasília – Capital of Brazil to live in Spain, he blocked his Biomedicine career at the end of the course to start the Medicine degree, which has been his dream since he was a child. After teaching his own method course in various countries, Airton still continues his work as a teacher and esthetician in Europe.

Airton is not a very religious type, but he is a Christian and he believe in the existence of a God who is above chaos and calm. He said I believe that my thought is capable of connecting me with that force that governs the world, that is why I feel capable of everything. I think that love and respect are fundamental in our evolution as a society.

We wanted to know about his experience in aesthetics – What do you like the most in the world of aesthetics?

Airton say’s I love the most is to admire the ability that science has to improve the physical appearance of people through procedures. How amazing it is to see the mental benefit that perfecting physical aesthetics can bring to people.

He also share’s some beauty procedures -Today one of the most requested procedures in the world of beauty is the micropigmentation of eyebrows, that is one of the treatments with immediate and very satisfactory results, in addition to the treatments of stretch marks, expression marks and lip filling are in high .

Airton Barbalho say’s “Believe in yourself. It is important to trust your instinct, your idea and your creativity. If you are clear about your business idea, nothing can stop you from bringing it to life. However, keep in mind that the journey will not be a happy one immediately. Some days, you will fail, and some days you will pass. Every setback is a lesson that will help you to bring consistent progress in your work after some time. So always keep going on.”

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