Meet Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa: The Football enthusiast, professional player, and ace administrator in Bahrain

Meet Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa: The Football enthusiast, professional player, and ace administrator in Bahrain

Balancing the work life balance, Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa manages his professional responsibilities with passion for Football.
The world is full of talented people. When it comes to sports, talent is in abundance. Given a chance and good opportunities, youngsters live up to their potentials to prove their mettle and showcase their abilities. Not all of them are blessed and lucky to represent their respective clubs and country at an international level, but few of them help shape the overall structure and set up academics to help nurture the future generation of players. One such ace professional, an amid football lover and enthusiast who has helped in setting up a strong base and constitute an association to provide umpteen number of opportunities to young players for the game of Football in Bahrain is Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa.

Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa, born and brought up in Bahrain was always inclined towards Football since childhood, his only dream as a child to play football in the long term and make it a full-time career. In fact, Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa played for 2 years for Riffa sports club in Bahrain for the U18 team. Little did he knew that he would become a board member in future for the same club and help them win 2 titles- Bahraini Premier League and the King Cup. Forming an amazing bond with the coach and the players, Ahmed’s leadership was appreciated by all and helped him gain tremendous popularity within the game. He then excelled to greater heights by instilling stellar work ethics as team director for the Bahrain U23 national football team, again gaining lot of accolades under his belt. He has also worked as Olympic team director in the Football Association of Bahrain from 2017 to 2020.

Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa was also a par excellent in academics. He completed his BBA graduation from the New York Institute of Technology and later completed his master’s degree (MBA) from DePaul University, Chicago. He went on to work for the government of Ministry of Housing as Chief of Financial Resources for 7 years from 2010 to 2017. During this time, he also handled a successful project, Mazaya social financing scheme which helps families buy their dream home with help from government subsidies. He currently works as HR and Finance director of the Urban Planning & Development Authority, Bahrain.

Coming from a background of Royal family, Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa cherishes the game of Football and his immense love and passion keeps going stronger day by day. He is an ardent Liverpool Fan and often travels to England to meet the players.
Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa, now 32 has already made a mark for himself and is much acknowledged among his countrymen. His example reminds us all to excel not only in our professional lives but to also enjoy and follow your passion and interest in life. We hope Ahmed Isa Al Khalifa continues to help his nation in more ways and at the same time inspires us all.

Derek Robins

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