Medifakt: Redefining Healthcare in the Blockchain Era

Medifakt: Redefining Healthcare in the Blockchain Era

The Medifakt project is a story of synergy, uniting the realms of healthcare and technology. It’s a partnership between AKTHealth, a healthcare consulting firm specialized in Clinical Research, Commercial Strategies, and Consulting, and Interakt, a Blockchain-based Technology company involved in various decentralized ventures, from CeFi and DeFi Exchanges to Dapps and gaming. This collaboration harnesses the collective proficiency of healthcare and tech professionals, serving as the foundation for Medifakt’s development.

What truly distinguishes Medifakt is its pioneering platform, purpose-built to facilitate the transfer, storage, interpretation, second opinions, and AI-driven assessment of medical data and images across a wide array of subtherapeutic domains and medical specialties. This innovative approach originates from the fusion of healthcare and technology expertise, shaping the core of Medifakt’s ingenuity and its unique value to the industry.

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Medifakt revolutionizes healthcare by decentralizing diagnostic services, emphasizing trust, speed, and cost-efficiency. It employs blockchain for secure image sharing and smart contracts for streamlined operations, eliminating costly intermediaries. The platform addresses Electronic Health Records (EHR) with a modular architecture, prioritizing data security.

A patient-centric approach fosters partnerships for patient-aligned decisions. It extends to efficient supply chain management and clinical data management, ensuring high-quality research data.

AI-powered medical chatbots enhance patient-provider communication, potentially transforming primary care.

Medifakt extends its impact to supply chain management in healthcare, effectively managing resources and delivering goods and services to providers and patients while safeguarding the interests of various stakeholders.

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a critical aspect of Medifakt, ensuring the collection and management of research data according to regulatory standards. This process leads to high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from clinical trials, adhering to federal, state, and local regulations.

The main mission of project

Medifakt is committed to meeting the requirements of patients, healthcare providers, and AI companies with its cutting-edge platform. At its core, Medifakt aims to create a secure network for remote medical imaging data storage and sharing, departing from the traditional reliance on providers or third-party hosts like telemedicine firms. Medifakt’s approach to medical imaging data storage is guided by four essential strategies, all focused on guaranteeing the security and dependability of this critical data.

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Organization: Medifakt
Contact Person: Aditya Tallapragada
Country: Estonia

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