MEAB Bank remains one call away!

MEAB Bank remains one call away!

At MEAB bank, we strive to create a close community with our clients and make sure that we respond in a fast and efficient way to all of their requests and demands. To this end, the main objective of developing a structured call center is to enhance the customers’ experience by offering them direct, quick, and convenient assistance. 

The “Call Center” responds to the customer’s inquiries related to their existing accounts and facilities, registers customer complaints for immediate intervention of our customer protection unit. On this subject, MEAB bank prides itself in having a strict policy regarding the fair and transparent treatment of all complaints generated by clients and employees. The complaints are treated in an impartial way as an investigation is launched to get all the facts and necessary information. 

In addition, the Call Center is responsible for providing information on the bank’s offered products which generates leads for the sales force. The employees are well trained by the Marketing and Retail department and have complete knowledge of the offered products whether it’s electronic card types and services as well, consumer loans offers as well as their payments and due dates.  

MEAB bank’s Call Center under the number “1569” is operational 24/7 and receives inbound calls and initiates outbound call campaigns upon request. The services include general information regarding the schedule and working hours of the headquarters as well the branches and their contact information and location as well as quick assistance to stop your cards in case of fraud or loss. 

Furthermore, MEAB bank provides its customers with round the clock assistance on its accounts on all social media platforms and always has its door open to respond to all inquiries and assist in all the banking and financial needs of its clients. 

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