Matt Lorion discusses his advertisement tactics

Matt Lorion discusses his advertisement tactics

Being seventeen and starting his own personal entrepreneurship business, Matt Lorion has always seen himself as someone who is willing to put the work in and put himself on top. With over a million followers on Tiktok, Matt runs multiple branded ecommerce businesses, dropshipping stores, mentorship programs, and online courses that teach individuals how to become successful in the industry.

With being a student and growing up in a time where social media is very relevant, Matt advertises his products on his social media pages @mattlorion which is all 100% free traffic from all the audience. He also uses Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube to promote the brand and what he has to offer. Matt Lorion talks about eventually having an app like Youtube where individuals are able to watch educational videos with content that is offered in a more structured, affordable, and entertaining manner.

With only being seventeen there is still a lot to learn from the broader perspective, but with that being said Matt Lorion is on the track to lifetime success.

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