Matt James Hersh on Legendary Experiences Being Non-Negotiable and Facilitating Better Business

Matt James Hersh on Legendary Experiences Being Non-Negotiable and Facilitating Better Business

Today’s culture teaches that it’s normal to suffer through the work week and hold out for the weekend to relax and do the things that make us happy. It’s normal to complain about our day jobs and make statements like, “it pays the bills” or “on the bright side, we’re one day closer to Friday.” So many people are stuck in jobs that they hate and jobs that don’t facilitate the lifestyle they desire. Matt James Hersh breaks the status quo by creating his ultimate business that allows for his business and lifestyle to be integrated.

Matt is a business coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs and experts in their fields create meaningful impact with their business and design a lifestyle where their business and life are not separate. He helps his clients launch 6-figure businesses in a low-touch, high impact way so they can make money doing what they love and have the freedom to explore the world. Matt is successful at helping his clients do this because this is exactly what he’s done for himself in his business.

Certain aspects of Matt’s life are non-negotiables for him and actually add to the success of his business as opposed to taking away from it. Matt integrates surfing into his lifestyle, because out in the open water is where he gets great insights that turn into business growth. Matt also loves to travel and explains, “I make time for travelling and exploring the world every year because legendary experiences are non-negotiable. And as a bonus, I’ve found that during my travels, I meet amazing people that later become clients.” Matt encourages his clients to take time for the things that they love because when you’re having fun, connecting with like-minded humans, and in deep alignment with who you are, this is where the opportunities for both business growth and person growth lie.

We admire Matt’s perspective that business and life do not have to be completely separate and that they are both more powerful when they are integrated. He has inspired many along the way. We wish Matt the best of luck in continuing to help his clients build businesses that facilitate amazing lifestyles.

Derek Robins

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