Managing 5 Typical Heat-Related Illnesses: Essential Information

Managing 5 Typical Heat-Related Illnesses: Essential Information

Heat-Related Diseases

The summer and winter seasons are getting more and more intense due to climate change. Many countries claimed that February was the hottest month of the year. The following are typical ailments that are brought on by intense heat:
1. Heat Exhaustion 
2. Heat Stroke
3. Heat cramps
4. Sunburn
5. Heat Illness

Advice For Taking Care Of Patients Or Yourself

1. Heat-related stroke

How do you handle a heat stroke?
1. Take the person somewhere cooler.
2. Assist in bringing down the person’s fever.
3. Give him a nice bath or use a cool, damp cloth to pat his face and skin.
4. Never offer him anything to drink, particularly in extremely cold weather.
5. Give the doctor a call right away.

2. Heat Fatigue

How should one treat heat exhaustion?
1. Take off the person’s clothing.
2. Move the person to a cooler location right away.
3. Make sure the person drinks some water slowly.
4. Apply cold compresses to his face and body; a shower could be beneficial.

3. Heat Cramps

How should one handle heat cramps?
1. Don’t push yourself too hard when exercising.
2. Go to a shaded area that is cooler.
3. Sip electrolyte water, regular water, or even a combination of salt and lemon water.
4. Return to your task or activity after giving yourself time to regain your energy.

4. Heat Illness

How should one treat heat rash?
1. Avoid keeping the rash wet.
2. To relieve discomfort and itching, apply ice.
3. As much as possible, protect it from the light till it heals.
4. For relief, use powder.

5. Sunburn

Ways to treat sunburn?
1. Till the burn heals, keep your skin out of the sun.
2. Shower with cold water and cover the affected region with cool cloths.
3. Avoid picking at the blisters.
4. Maintain moisture in the region.
5. For relief, you can apply ice cubes covered in a handkerchief.

Sanchita Patil

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