Malin-G’s Viral Dance Challenge “Live Ur Life” Is Exactly What The World Needs – 11/11/20!

Malin-G’s Viral Dance Challenge  “Live Ur Life” Is Exactly What The World Needs – 11/11/20!

2020 hasn’t only been difficult in navigating the multiple restrictions & rules imposed throughout the Covid-era; it’s been a miserable year spent in isolation, lockdowns, and seemingly endless hard times – but it’s up to each and every one of us to rise up and ensure that the future ahead is better than ever.

With a bold reminder of what’s truly important to remember right now when we’re all feeling so alone and distanced, artist Malin-G has put together a brand-new single designed to unite the people across the world, no matter how much far away we are from each other.  Officially being released to battle the pandemic-blues on November 11th this year, Malin-G is dropping “Live Ur Life” around the globe online.

A colorful explosion of radiant sound & style combined, “Live Ur Life” celebrates the true freedom we all share as a human right, no matter how many rules are attempted to be enforced upon us.  With highly expressive vibes and massively addictive energy & hooks leading to an upbeat & sensory experience that everyone around the planet can genuinely feel flow within them – “Live Ur Life” is an audible invitation to leave your troubles & worries behind, if only for a moment, to enjoy an amazing new song and dance.

To support his brand-new single, Malin-G put together a viral challenge that quickly spread to all corners of the map, building up the buzz surrounding his latest cut to a fever pitch of excitement for music-fans all over the world.  Creating an internet dance competition, open to all with a top prize of $2500 for the best version of Malin-G’s “Live Ur Life” choreography & your own wildest interpretations – people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and unique cultures have been coming together online to turn up for this contest, proving we’re all united through the power of great music with an important message.

Currently running from October 18th to November 8th – there’s still plenty of time for you to film your own incredible version of the “Life Ur Life” dance challenge and submit it to the main website for your chance to WIN the big cash prize, and claim the respect you deserve for the effort of your creativity!

Malin-G couldn’t be more excited to be leading the way to a better tomorrow and doing his part to help bring the world closer together for this moment through a stunning song & irresistible new dance craze.  “Live Ur Life” is the real anthem & the answer for the issues of the future to come – it’s an authentic & sincere reminder to always be the best version of yourself, no matter what the circumstances may be.

History has shown us time & again that we will persevere, and that when we persevere, we prosper as a society united as one.  Together we will overcome any obstacles in our way, Covid-19 or otherwise – and every person across the planet will be able to breathe a collective sigh of relief in knowing we embraced our freedom, and that we never gave up & we never gave in.  Malin-G is encouraging everyone around the world to “Live Ur Life” exactly the way you dream it should be – and in the process, have a whole lot of fun with his brand-new single as he turns good times into great ones for us all, November 11th, 2020!

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