Leverex Exchange makes lucrative trading strategies available to rookie investors through its Copy Trading Feature

Hong Kong: As per the official declaration by a renowned exchange, the newly launched, Leverex is all set to bring the communities of new investors and well-experienced traders together through its Copy-Trading system.

The Copy-trading software of the Leverex exchange is a notable feature that lets its users follow the trading strategies of experienced traders. Through copy-trading, new investors’ learning curve and knowledge gap are shortened as it allows one to automatically mimic the trades of knowledgeable traders or handle them manually.

Also, there is enough information about each experienced trader on their platform for the users to weigh their choices. For further clarification, users can always inquire for more information about the traders before following their strategies. 

To start copy-trading on Leverex, it requires the users to set an investment amount and follow the trader of their choice, which will lead to automatic linking of the trades in the positions held by the trader. Eventually, when a trader makes some profit, the new investor following them also makes a profit. Through this copy-trading platform, users can also present a trading position whenever they want without completely losing control over the trading results. Lastly, to stop copy trading at any point, the users will have to simply unfollow the trader.

It should be noted that trading via any copy-trading platform will charge its users a set amount of transaction fees. But, Leverex introduces a discount on transaction fees provided if the users have LEX tokens, which are Leverex exchange tokens. Copying traders who make many transactions can cost more than expected, but LEX token holders can receive a 50% discount on transaction fees.

Copy-trading on Leverex is equally opportunistic for both new and experienced investors. On the one hand, new investors can easily make money by clicking on a trader’s order, while on the other hand, traders can create additional revenue by sharing the order.

Leverex, which is currently undergoing an international certification process to open an exchange, continues to recruit copy traders worldwide. By employing professional traders through investment propensity and profit verification, Leverex has buckled up, bringing new investors into the market by helping them ace the crypto trading game with better confidence and ease. 

For more information on LEVEREX, please visit:

Telegram: https://t.me/LAlalandLeverex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lalaland_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/fmzUfmJJXm

Website: https://leverex.pro/

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPLssW8GAVYdToO-PBs8Z8g/videos

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