Learn How Rom Raviv Attained Entrepreneurial Success Through the Power of Social Media

Learn How Rom Raviv Attained Entrepreneurial Success Through the Power of Social Media

As the world continues to tilt towards digitalization, once again, Generation Z has proved to acquire a strong influence in this present world through the mastery of technical skills and harnessing the power of social media. Rom Raviv is one of the individuals who have brilliantly leveraged social media and used it to bring their vision to life!

With over 500,000 followers on the TikTok platform, Rom has been able to pave his way in the social media sphere, with contents racking up millions in likes and views. Rom’s podcast spreading success has also gained critical acclaim globally. His success with podcasting led him to create a first-of-its-kind podcast editing agency, Podblade. 

What is Podblade?

Podblade is a podcast editing agency that uses the Business-to-Business (B2B) approach and a unique Whitelabel system to help other businesses offer an unparalleled podcasting editing service through white labeling. 

The Birth Of An Idea

In a recent interview, Rom shared that he’s been interested in running businesses ever since he was a kid. So one day, while hosting his podcast, Spreading success, the idea of a podcast editing agency came to mind quickly discovered his passion for podcasting as he hosted the Spreading Success podcast. 

Just like any endeavor, podcasting has numerous challenges and obstacles. In an attempt to fix these problems, Rom Raviv developed Podblad.  In the same interview, Rom mentioned that after realizing the many challenges of being a podcast host, he decided to create an affordable podcasting editing solution that included social media promotion, auto-scheduling, and more to solve the frustrations he had working on my show. One could say necessity birthed this idea.

How has Podblade impacted podcasting?

Rom Raviv’s brainchild, Podblade, has greatly helped the world of audio entertainment by helping numerous podcast hosts solve the problems they encounter in their shows. Initially, the editing agency started as a one-on-one agency that rendered direct services to podcast hosts. After seeing the business’ potentials, Podblade transformed into a B2B model by offering a white label solution to podcasts. As they frequently impacted several podcast coaches and companies. 

What Challenge has Podblade faced as a growing business?

Any growing business would admit the difficulty in developing into a successful one. The case was not different for Podblade. It wasn’t easy starting off because the concept was relatively new to potential partners who looked to invest in them, as a lot of explaining would be needed to convince them. This acceptability problem led to several consultation calls and the redesign of the firm’s website. Soon after, the company steadily grew and developed.

So is Podblade here to stay? This question would be in the affirmative because Rom has turned his podcast and social media skills into a 6-figure company. Today, Podblade has been able to help over 300 podcasters, and brands achieve the success they desire in the podcast niche market. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that more partners and customers will get involved with Podblade, leading to an increase in recurring revenue.

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