Leading the race from the back, here’s how Mourad Sebky shaped up his life as an extravagant entrepreneur

Leading the race from the back, here’s how Mourad Sebky shaped up his life as an extravagant entrepreneur

Several distinguished personalities around the world are realistic and down-to-earth in their approach. They believe that everything shall remain here; so why not make under-privileged and economically poor people knowledgeable and conversant to grow and live a life full of comforts? Abu Dhabi’s businessman, Mourad Sebky who was was brought up amidst humble beginnings is now a celebrated name amongst big business houses. He has proved his prowess that even an ordinary man can achieve extraordinary in life.

As a kid, he always wanted to enjoy an exemplary and extravagant lifestyle. He stepped out of his comfort zone at a tender age so that he could enjoy the later years of his life. Making extra efforts while learning is the only key to utilize time properly, therefore he initiated his career in the field of digital marketing. Sebky spent a lot of time learning digital tactics and he channelised earnings in small investment instruments. Gradually, he managed to mobilize investment returns to incorporate a digital media house in the Middle East.

The entrepreneur’s creative mind did wonders that have helped him build a family of more than a million on Instagram. Besides work. Mourad also owns two educational institutions for students who want to apply their minds in small scale entrepreneurship. Several entrepreneurs have been successful from his institutions, and therefore, he has built a charitable trust for underprivileged students.

Along with his work, he has travelled in pursuit of many business opportunities. Conferences and meeting various people around the world have made him prominent in the finance industry. Lastly, the wealthy entrepreneur concluded by saying, “To enjoy luxuries, dreaming is the first step followed by multiple efforts at every step towards it. Courage and confidence are two pre-requisites to be the best in the game.”

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