LawSikho brings career success to more than a thousand learners in October

LawSikho brings career success to more than a thousand learners in October

Gurugram-based edtech company LawSikho has helped 1,144 lawyers, law students and other professionals to find jobs, freelance work and internships in October 2022.

This is the first time that LawSikho’s monthly placement figure has crossed the 1,000 mark.

As many as 8,917 learners have benefitted from LawSikho’s placement and freelance support since April 2021, when the placement office and tracking of such data commenced.

Of the 1,144 learners who landed opportunities in October 2022, 62 got jobs in India, three got international jobs, 430 secured internships, 138 found remote legal freelance work and 514 secured non-legal freelance work.

The three international recruiters that employed LawSikho students are international asset management group Orchard Global, Black Market Share LLC, and a New York-based law firm.

Besides, domestic recruiters include Link Legal, Saikrishna & Associates, Parakram Legal, Requestly, iEnergizer, Prime Infotech, Chatrath Law Chambers, Ram Madhvani Films, WeVaad, Praveen Pathak & Associates, Niti Nyaya Law Office, Provana, Cubictree Technology, Phoenix ARC (ARC division of Kotak Mahindra Bank), and Quislex, among others. Besides, some students were also hired by LawSikho.

Of the 430 internships, 52 were paid, with monthly stipends ranging from INR 3,000-20,000.

Those who offered internships include DSK Legal, Indus Law, LKS, Trilegal, Juris Corp, Amicus Services, Amicus Qurie, PS2 Legal, Mandal & Solicitors, ASV Legal, Ackno legal, Basket Hunt, Lex Praxis, Vidhinyas Solicitors and Associates LLP, Trans Asia, VS IPR, Azure, Tatva Advisors, Najmi & Associates, Prime Infotech etc.

Apart from this, many students also found opportunities on their own.

“Our vision is to make the world a bit more flat – great opportunities don’t have to come through elite networks of posh colleges or well-placed relatives. We can open up the world for the talent in India, and we are at it,” said Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO and Co-founder, LawSikho.

About LawSikho

LawSikho is one of India’s biggest online edtech brands, creating advanced and practical courses and customised training programmes for lawyers, law students, students from non-law streams, leading businesses, and universities. We bridge the gap between theory and practice in legal and other education, bringing industry and practical insights into theoretical learning. We also offer a number of courses from international universities at affordable rates for Indian students. With talent arbitrage being one of our focal points, we equip Indian lawyers to build high-profile careers in the international remote job market.

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