Launch of PS150 and PS75 Party Speakers by Blaupunkt

Launch of PS150 and PS75 Party Speakers by Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt, the prestigious German gadgets and sound brand, has as of late declared the eagerly awaited send off of two exceptional party speakers, the PS150 and PS75. These cutting edge speakers, which join power and innovation in a consistent bundle, are ready to change the manner in which we pay attention to music.

With the PS75, a party speaker produced using genuine hardwood got from practical assets, Blaupunkt makes a critical progression in earth cognizant plan. As well as guaranteeing a magnificent stylish allure, this features our commitment to ecological supportability. The PS75 lays out another benchmark for harmless to the ecosystem sound gadgets by capably intertwining the exemplary excellence of wood with the state of the art force of innovation. Emanating sound for a really long time at a significant level is planned. One tweeter and two gigantic 5.25″ woofers are housed inside. RGB lights are incorporated with the PS75. These heartbeats and glimmer in time with the music, giving your get-together a supernatural vibe. The PS75 is fueled by a 2400mAh battery, which can endure up to 12 hours*. It works with a USB port that you might use to connect a plate or other electronic gadget. At long last, an AUX port that dependably interfaces with all the other things you really want is accessible. The PS75’s sound innovation is customized to give the ideal blend to you naturally.

The PS150 is a certified force to be reckoned with a shocking 100 Watts of force. A 8″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter work in ideal harmony to create its strong sound. The PS150 gives a sound encounter like no other, whether you’re facilitating a gathering, paying attention to your number one music, or losing yourself in a film. The plan expands sound result. The speaker’s front is shifted to uniformly scatter sound waves. The top control board is shifted for straightforward access and use. It has a 4500mAh high-effectiveness battery worked in, which considers 12 hours of ongoing interaction on a solitary charge. The IPX4 rating of the PS150 is a unique advantage. This implies spills, sprinkles, residue, and sand are not an issue. Each significant part is encased with the goal that they can assume the afflictions of a party, any place it very well may be. Blaupunkt has given it all the network choices that you could have to make a big difference for the music.

With north of 100 years of mechanical progression and development behind it, Blaupunkt is a dependable German brand. It has gained notoriety for being reliable, trustworthy, and durable on a worldwide scale. Each Blaupunkt gadget is ensured to have the best sound innovation and unbeatable form quality. Every item delivered by Blaupunkt is made utilizing the best materials, parts, and innovation that anyone could hope to find. This makes each Blaupunkt item absolutely solid and strong for a really long time of listening joy.


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