Lamborghini Urus Recalled Due to Potentially Detachable Hood at Fast Speed

Lamborghini Urus Recalled Due to Potentially Detachable Hood at Fast Speed

For the Urus SUV, Lamborghini is releasing a recall due to the possibility of the hood flying open or coming off the car. The company estimates that only 2% of the 2,133 vehicles involved in the recall—which covers the 2023–2024 Urus Performante and Urus S models—have the flaw.

The rivets holding the hood latch strikers are the problem. Due to a supplier’s uneven manufacturing process, Lamborghini found that the rivet studs holding the striker to the car might not have undergone enough deformation.

The problem can cause tiny gaps to appear between the front bumper and the hood above 94 kilometers per hour. The latch mechanism may break due to overstress from the increased airflow. The possibility of the hood snapping back could harm the windshield and impair the driver’s vision. Additionally, the hood can totally separate from the car, endangering nearby motorists.

This August, Lamborghini first became aware of a possible problem. It opened an investigation with the supplier after receiving two warranty claims in Europe regarding misaligned hood and fender of the Urus. The carmaker collaborated with its supplier to enhance the manufacturing procedure after failing to locate any further occurrences.

In February of that year, a Urus in Indonesia had a total and rapid removal of the hood. After conducting additional research, Lamborghini identified the faulty rivet studs in the lock.

Affected clients will start receiving notifications from Lamborghini in late June or early July. It will advise owners to bring their SUVs to a dealer so they can be inspected. The automaker may choose to install a striker support plate, fix the hood, or do both to resolve the problem. Early in February, the supplier started producing stronger components for Lamborghini to utilize.

Sanchita Patil

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