KYSTAR shows the fun side of soccer to its fans

KYSTAR shows the fun side of soccer to its fans

Soccer is a funny old game. From the statements of the medley of double entendres, timeless quips, to the amusing anecdotes. Soccer has hundreds of silly stories and priceless nuggets sourced to recreate the unique excitement, drama, and endless fun. The results are a humorous, witty, and sometimes outlandish catalog of comical creations. With so much riding on the game these days. The tension is paramount. The players fighting tooth and nail but inevitable summons up and a team slump to a demoralizing loss. It’s a cruel game of error but there are few moments in those errors where players and officials can comically entertain us. Therefore when they happen, it is generally very memorable. 

For lovers of those absurd, outrageous, and unusual comical aspects of the game. KYSTAR has a selection of stories and videos that will amuse and delight. Packed with priceless gaffes KYSTAR- The media company and major YouTube channel has a hilarious collection of content that guarantees to tickle the funny bone of even the most casual sports fan. The man behind KYSTAR – Founder and Owner Koray Yalcin is a passionate lover and follower of the game but before he is a soccer fan. He is a humorous witty guy who loves to make the funniest content on soccer.

The content on his YouTube channel are binge-worthy and his Instagram page posts the most hilarious soccer content. If any budding amateur soccer player reading this, they also feature viral funny amateur soccer moments. Koray Yalcin believes that soccer is the game of inches. The margin for error is very minute. One-half second too slow and you don’t quite make it. One-half second too early, you are too fast and you don’t quite catch it. They’re in every break of the game, every minute, every second. This game of margins makes so competitive game of soccer, funny. With so many high stakes, competitiveness, intensity, the skill involved in running the game. Just a minute error of margins and jaffas makes it hilarious. It takes an intuitive and creative man Koray Yalcin to see it. 

KYSTAR- The media company and influential YouTube channel started not so long ago in 2014. The YouTube channel gained its initial fame from the compilation of hilarious soccer videos. The Netherlands-based YouTube channel not just has an European following but has a global audience viewing the content from every soccer-playing nation. Their fan following is not just limited to the soccer-playing nations they also have an enormous US following where soccer is not even a primary sport. This shows how universal their content is. 

Appealing to the world this media company is growing in leaps and bounds. Sailing on this enormous global following and die-hard US soccer fans today the channel has a mountainous 483K subscribers and counting. Untapping the humorous aspect of the game. KYSTAR made its initial presence on Instagram in 2016. From there it has been no looking back. Right now they have 58.3k followers on Instagram and growing. In the span of six-year, they have grown from a single YouTube channel to a media company dedicated to entertaining soccer fans.

From ardent followers to casual fans, they have content that appeals to everyone.

Quit reading this, Open a new YouTube tab, Search KYSTAR. Sit back and tune in to the world of soccer. 

YouTube – @KYSTAR | Instagram- @KYSTAR | Twitter- @KYSTAR_ | Facebook – @kystarfc

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