Esquared Media LLC achieved a breakthrough under the leadership of Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley

Esquared Media LLC achieved a breakthrough under the leadership of  Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley

The market is flooded with businesses, as new brands and companies are initiating their operations every day. The business algorithm has never been fair to all since some are more privileged than others. While big companies enjoy the autonomy to market themselves in the crowd and approach their clients, small businesses have to indulge in practices that can help them reach their potential audience. The number of PR firms is stirring high as the demand for it proportionately increases. But many of these firms are deceptive, trying to sell their inconsequential results. To tackle the issue, Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley decided to start his own company that assures positive growth results. 

Kekoa MacAuley, the founder of Esquared Media LLC, is also a YouTuber. This 21 years old entrepreneur, started his journey in the business world with his gaming channel on youtube. Streaming his gaming achievements, and gathering an audience drove him towards SEO, marketing, and content creation. Being fascinated by the same he decided to pursue entrepreneurship. In the year 2018, his company Esquared Media LLC came into existence. This data-oriented firm has been able to expand its outreach by working with clients including entrepreneurs, high-ticket coaches, plastic surgeons, fashion bloggers, non-profits, and fitness influencers.

After establishing this thriving business, Kekoa MacAuley aims to contribute to the social cause. His schooling experience helped him understand the true meaning of finding one’s life’s purpose. Being the one who was always disinterested in homework and regular regimen, Kekoa MacAuley decided to break free and create a life of his choice. 

Coming from a business family, he always had family support which gave him the strength to be determined. When asked about the company’s values, Kekoa MacAuley explains the significance of customer relations. At Esquared Media LLC, customer satisfaction is considered the top priority as they are the bearers of the company’s success. During the initiation of his start-up, he was reluctant to make changes in his methods, even when they failed miserably. Due to which the company incurred huge losses. Kekoa MacAuley believes embracing the mistake and moving on is pivotal and trying new things can always lead you to your next endeavor.

Kekoa MacAuley’s hard work and resilience are testimony to the company’s success. Currently, he is a senior at Vanderbilt University and is ready to enter the next phase of his life after graduation.

Derek Robins

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