Kushal Kansal – A young digital marketing expert

Kushal Kansal – A young digital marketing expert

From Haryana,India , Kushal Kansal is a digital marketing sensation and works in a Digital Marketing Company, Stalke Media.

At the age young of 16, Kushal Kansal is already a colossal success, as he has already achieved the enviable status of being the Young digital marketing expert.

Digital Marketing looks easy, but it is not, you have to update yourself daily to stay in the competition continually. His company Stalke Media is the best digital marketing company in India.Stalke Media, delivers solutions for a broad range of customer’s digital needs, from Sales funnel building to search engine optimization and paid traffic generation to web design.

While still in school, he took lessons on different digital skills, from web design, search engine optimization, to Google ads.
He has successfully turned his passion into profit. As of now, Stalke Media cooperates with 20+ clients and companies and takes pride in associating with them to drive revenue and eventually meet important goals. And, all is achieved by exploiting the full potential of Instagram, Facebook, Google, and many other platforms.

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