King JBoi Releases New Suburban Music

King JBoi Releases New Suburban Music

Memphis artist King JBoi is the Memphis native and artist you need to know. After surfacing on the music scene in 2019 on the music scene with his “Really Impressed” single, he returns to the scene with a fire new project titled Suburban Music. This is by far his best work to date as it showcases his raw lyricism like never before.

After having made a name for himself in the streets of Memphis, where he was born and raised, he uses his real life experiences to influence his passion for the art of rap and hip hop music. That is exactly what you will hear on his Suburban Music release. His truth telling mixed with an original sound makes for a unique listening experience throughout. Within 8 tracks, JBoi serves up a healthy side of emotion, realness, pain and triumph.

As the proud founder of L.i.E (Loyalty is Everything) and King JBoi INC launched last year, bridging music and entrepreneurship is something he is passionate about. Using the same principles and organizational values, he currently operates under both umbrellas (L.i.E Entertainment & King JBoi INC) while single handily taking his music career to new heights.

King JBoi also has various businesses and a 501c3 nonprofit for disadvantaged athletes in the urban communities. He is a jack of many trades and continues to use music to help uplift his community and people around him.

Click here to stream King JBoi’s new Suburban Music material and tap into some positive vibes.

Saqib Malik

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