Katharina Bogers new song “Breaking Rules” keeps Rock’n’Roll and Elvis Presley’s spirit alive! 

Katharina Bogers new song “Breaking Rules” keeps Rock’n’Roll and Elvis Presley’s spirit alive! 

Singer/songwriter Katharina Boger released her single “Breaking Rules”. 

A pop song with trap beats is rounded of by a pinch of Rock’n’Roll that makes you feel like dancing. 

It’s also a song with a clear message: 

Finding strength while we break out from standards of regular daily rules.

Katharina explains: “We often go through self-reflection but at the end we never break out of our own rules. A concept where we believe to become a different person or even to achieve other goals by doing the same thing every day again and again. Even when we have a conversation with our little Angel and Devil (DAngel twin) inside of us we always end up going by the regular rules and never break out of our own limits! 

This has to be changed!!!” 

“Breaking Rules” is an inspirational song. It’s about cutting ties with our own toxic lifestyle no matter how tough at this current moment. It’s sometimes the only way forward. We should always try to find new ways to break own rules and to leave our comfort zone. Good changes always start with a change. 

Katharina chose a Rock’n’Roll vibe for her song, how come? 

“I think Rock’n’Roll is a lifestyle, a feeling. When I listen to Rock’n’Roll music I always got to shake my hips and feel this positive energy running through my veins. I feel like: ‘I can do it all!’ And this is exactly what “Breaking Rules” is about. I would love to motivate all of us to break some unhealthy rules and to enjoy life a little more!” 

Please tell us something about your upcoming tour.

“I’m glad to be performing live again.

After so long I think we’re all really happy to be back together. That’s why we’ve created a show without any limits.”

Together with motivational coach, entertainer, author and speaker sensation Elmar Rassi Katharina plans a “Breaking Rules” tour. 

And this project in not only extremely ambitious but also captivating and super interesting. 

It will be a perfect symbiosis of great music, entertainment, illusion combined with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme. 

It will leave a deep impression on your mindset and is an all-in-one entertainment show – music meets Illusion and deep content. 

Alekh Kumar

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