Kat Heartz Album 2022 By Gurinder singh Brar

Kat Heartz Album 2022 By Gurinder singh Brar

Here’s everything you need to know about Gurinder’s upcoming album ‘Kate Heartz’.

Gurinder has released his highly-anticipated first album Kate Heartz, The rapper released the album on Monday june 20th.

*Gurinder ‘Kate Heartz’ new album live updates: the latest of everything *

Gurinder’s fans first got excited for new music when he treated fans to a monsoon gift in june 2022 with the release of his mixtape ‘Kate Hearz’, made up of 3 songs, and featuring guest appearances.

Gurinder’s new album is his first official album which is a special number for the Canadian rapper from chrestmere.

When will ‘Kate Heartz’ be released?

Gurinder took to Instagram to confirm that kate heartz will be released on July 1st. The album is now available on all streaming platforms.

The star posted a graphic which fans are speculating is the album artwork alongside a caption that reads: “Kate Heartz July 1st “

The rapper said: “Album’s ready… album’s cooked, looking forward to delivering it to you… ‘Kate Heartz’ on the way and that’s for anyone in the way”.

In June 2022, Gurinder confirmed that GSB was entering the mixing process. Drizzy told OVO Noel that Noel’s daughter would be hearing his music very soon.

What songs will be on ‘Kate Heartz’?

On Monday (June 20) Gurinder took to his Instagram Story and shared a video teasing a new track from the album.

The rapper captioned the clip “Heavy Heart” along with a white heart emoji and a speaker emoji, presumably what the track is called.

In the video, Few Peoples is in the studio with his engineer blasting the track, while the rapper is laying down listening back to the song.

What is the full track-list for ‘Kate Heartz’?

Gurinder has revealed the tracklist to his upcoming album ‘Kate Heartz’.

The rapper took to Instagram to reveal the name of the 3 tracks on the album. See below.

  1. “First Sight Love”
    2.” Date”
  2. “Relation”

Today, Gurinder Singh Brar is working hard on his creative abilities and also posts regularly on social media. Make sure to stay tuned into Gurinder Singh Brar by following his exciting journey below:

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