Kass Hart: It’s her time and her life

Kass Hart: It’s her time and her life

Becoming a famous musician is a dream of many young people, most of whom have no idea of the immense effort behind climbing the Olympus of fame and how much work it takes to earn the right to say “I’m a professional musician.” Kass Hart (Kassie Brakharu), a singer of Armenian-Jewish origin, knows firsthand about the work of artists, as she grew up in a family of musicians and experienced all the difficulties of the creative profession herself.

Skipping the backstory of her path to professional singing, we’ll just say that it was long and rocky. There were years of inactivity and self-discovery, as well as attempts to create her own music. But Kass Hart was able to overcome the inner fear that had taken root somewhere deep inside and take a step towards her dream, thanks to a stroke of luck – a meeting with a music manager from Britain who was able to recognize the exceptional talent and enormous potential in a restaurant singer. Everything she did after signing a contract with the renowned British label OGC Records and everything she does now in Los Angeles can undoubtedly be called professional musical creativity.

Kass Hart is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter. Each of her compositions is a life story, if not close, then understandable to every listener. The lyrics and melodies of the songs are born differently: from memories of past years, from events that have evoked strong emotions, from meetings that have touched the most delicate strings of the soul. And sometimes inspiration comes, and the music somehow mysteriously just starts playing inside her, filling every cell of her body and trying to break out.

The artist writes music in several styles – pop, soul, and electronic dance music, although lately she has been giving preference to the latter. In order to develop and surpass her initial successes, which were achieved during her collaboration with OGC records, Kass Hart is actively working on new quality music, on catchy lyrics, on unique visuals, and other things that are important for further promotion.

A new stage has come in the life and career of the young woman. She is actively negotiating with various American companies, collaborating with well-known songwriters who write for world-class stars, and preparing to relaunch the track “Love to Hate You,” written in 2021 with British songwriter Johnny Phantom. The composition is about complex human relationships. The very gentle R&B topline combined with bold instrumentation is aimed at a diverse audience.

Kass Hart cannot imagine her future without music and creativity. She finds comfort and excitement in music. Everything the singer wants to say to the world, she expresses through her songs. She is on the right path and knows exactly where she is going and why. The artist believes that touching the hearts of listeners with her music will be her greatest reward in life.

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