KashBankx: The Upcoming HipHop Sensation

KashBankx: The Upcoming HipHop Sensation

The new wave of hip hop is really great. It caters to everyone. In the rap community, many different artists are coming out from all parts of the world. You get a wide variety in the music, from different styles such as Pop rap, West Coast rap, Southern Rap, Trap, Turnt Up and Alternative Hiphop. New rappers are coming and contributing to the culture.  KashBankx is one such rapper who does a lot of experiments with his music and is gradually climbing the ladders to success. His musicality speaks for itself and gives an amazing vibe as he mixes trap, turnt up and chilled all at the same time.

KashBankx was into HipHop and rap from his childhood but he only started to take it more seriously a couple of years ago in 2020. Born and brought up in Cleveland, Ohio, he has contributed a lot to the Ohio scene and is now planning to move to Florida. His music caters to a wide audience and his songs are being listened and appreciated around the globe.

KashBankx said that he is still exploring and learning new things in the HipHop and he will soon be dropping his new mixtape.

“I am exploring myself and pushing my boundaries, accepting new challenges and making music day and night. It’s all about hard work and passion. My upcoming new mixtape is under process and I am hoping to launch it soon.” Said KashBankx.

KashBankx who also owns a record label called M.D.N Records said that HipHop is in a transition phase and we are seeing a completely different game from what it used to be a decade ago. He said that he will keep entertaining his fans and dropping new songs in the future. To follow the rapper and staying updated with his upcoming tracks, follow him on Instagram @kashBankx


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