Changing the trajectory of the music industry is an ace singer and music professional, YngSolomon

YngSolomon is a versatile rap and pop music artist whose recent creations has been special. 

Music industry is blessed with massive artists who have constantly performed and entertained the audiences. As the industry is growing many forms of music and which are introduced in past few decades like Rap, Hip-pop, DJ, Folk music and more. All these forms of music are loved by billions of people. That is because the soul of music industry is the artist who works tremendously hard to create a music that touches the soul of the listeners. Meet an artist of music world, who has created his own unique place with his unique music craft and soothing voice – YngSolomon.

The multi-talent artist of Santa Rosa, California. YngSolomon is a melodic rap/pop artist. He ignited the north bay music from the 2020 lockdown by hosting more than 24 live music events in a short span of July 2020 to August 2021. His last event featured Zion-I and The Grouch with DJ Fresh, B-Legit, RBL Posse and Pato Banton. He gained much success and experience of music through these events. Gradually he started releasing singles from solo EP and achieved his 2021 goal of performing 111 times. That’s an uncompelling success with in no time and without any Godfather! For which the artist says – ‘All he achieved till today is because of his Buddhist practice which helped him to built his self-confidence and strong determination to pursue music as his career and establish himself soundly.’

He is also famous for his catchy hooks and uplifting flow, which are influences by his favourite artist Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, Kanye West and Linkin Park. The artist is just growing stupendously with his creative and skilled music craft with a melodious voice that engrosses millions of audiences to glance his music art again and again. Some of recent songs has enthralled the listeners and industry which includes – On Top, All Around the World, Moonlight, Head Up, Song Goes out To, Doin Better and his latest release – Hardaway. The songs are leading the chart list for the pro music creation and the voice that blesses the soul.

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