Kanthi D Suresh, Founder Power Sportz, Amidst Praise, Termed ‘Inaccessible’ And ‘Introverted’, By Critics

Kanthi D Suresh, Founder Power Sportz, Amidst Praise, Termed ‘Inaccessible’ And ‘Introverted’, By Critics

Ms. Kanthi D. Suresh, the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Owner of Power Sportz, is in the news once again, She has been interviewed by ‘The Indian Wire,’ an independent digital publication that quoted exciting facts about how Kanthi has been disrupting the status quo of sports management.

Kanthi D Suresh is the first woman to own and run a sports channel – PowerSportz.tv, on OTT platforms. She has definitely established that a woman is more than just eye-candy, something she has proven countless times. Kanthi, who began her career as an anchor, has brought a renewed perspective to broadcasting over time has shown the world what a woman can do in the realm of sports broadcasting, otherwise considered a male bastion!

She is passionate about making a mark and a positive difference in the world of sports. Kanthi’s reporting style is impartial and unique. She is known to dig out the truth, no matter how harsh or rude it may be. Her stories and style reflect reality with sensitivity. Kanthi is sincere and is driven by responsibility; She doesn’t do anything just for doing something.

However, despite her zestful eloquence on-air, she is regarded as highly inaccessible and extremely private. Critics have different opinions about Kanthi.

One of the critics said, “A journalist needs to interact and socialize more, needs to be easy to meet anytime. We must have Excellence, but we must also have accessibility to that Excellence.”

He further added, “Perhaps that’s what made her even more enigmatic.”
Kanthi s style has always been a subject of debate and divergent opinions. While her close acquaintances regard her as highly trustworthy and always available in times of crisis, those who don’t know her too well, term her to be ‘private and inaccessible’ 

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