Justin Havre: From Starting with Nothing to Creating One of the Biggest Real Estate Firms Across the US

Justin Havre: From Starting with Nothing to Creating One of the Biggest Real Estate Firms Across the US

With humble beginnings, Justin Havre is the owner of multiple revenue-generating web portals throughout North America and is one of the most successful real-estate entrepreneurs in Canada. He strives for labor, perseverance, and staying resilient during a crisis at the three pillars of reaching life goals.

Although the world leaders propagate on the need for upskilling to reach excellence by enrolling in various educational and technical courses, there are few like Justin Havre who is a self-trained success maker. A self-made millionaire, Justin Havre immigrated from Norway as a teenager without the ability to speak the English language and then went on to build one of the world’s largest and most successful real-estate companies, Justin Havre & Associates RE/MAX First. The company assists buyers and sellers with their real estate needs in the Calgary area.

Justin’s driving principles

Justin believes in the magic of hard work and how it reaps benefits to those who believe in its powers. Though his key motivation to enter into real estate is to create a solid income so that he could comfortably start a family, yet his dreams of family making got thwarted when he got his divorce in 2009. Nevertheless, he started his business in 2010 and started generating leads through ingenious and innovative methods. To generate leads, Justin at this stage invested 25% of his earnings back into online assets, domain names, websites, and search engine optimization. By January of 2013, his company went from having just five agents to 28 agents in a single month all while generating 4200 leads organically in the same month. In an industry where the norm is to pay for leads, Justin has built websites that do not rely on pay-per-click and lead purchase. “I lead the industry in websites that are developed for long-term web authority (over 4000 keywords in top 10 rankings) to build business assets while also generating opportunities and revenue,” says Justin.

Justin Havre & Associates RE/MAX First offers free home evaluations also known as comparative market analysis for homeowners who need to sell their properties. It then implements its multimillion-dollar a year marketing program to get the best exposure to ensure that its clients get the highest price possible at the time of sale. With the pandemic, the company utilized technologies such as 3D scans of the interior of homes which allow buyers to view properties from the comfort and safety of their homes and causes less disruption to home sellers. It also offers professional services to buyers to ensure that they go through the buying process smoothly with the least amount of stress. 

Stress on trust factor to generate business value

Justin continues to tweak and improve his company’s already proven systems and processes that are focused on a great client experience from start to finish. The company has been recognized as the #1 RE/MAX Team in Canada for the last two years for closed transactions as the #3 RE/MAX Team in the world as of September 2020. Justin aims to have 70 agents with close to 1800-2000 sales in the next one-year and garner 130-150 agents with over 3000 sales within three years. “Although we generate large volumes of revenue, the success of our real estate team has been built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and personal development. The core of our coaching and training is in personal development, emotional awareness, and support,” mentioned Justin when asked about the core values of doing business.

For Justin, the meaning of success entails creating memorable experiences with people he loves. He believes in learning from failures. When he is not working, he spends time with his pets.

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