Journey through the Artistic Universe: The Story of Mary Catherine Foley’s Coloring Books

Journey through the Artistic Universe: The Story of Mary Catherine Foley’s Coloring Books

Mary Catherine Foley lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina, a quiet place near Charlotte. She is an operations manager for an industrial bulking company, a job that keeps her busy. However, Mary’s true love lies in creating coloring books that showcase cities she has visited and adored throughout her life.

Mary’s life has been a mosaic of movements and experiences. From a young age, she was introduced to various cultures and environments as her family moved frequently due to her father’s job, setting up continuing education programs at universities across the United States. This constant change instilled in her a profound love for exploring new cities and a knack for finding the best spots in any given locality, whether in the US or Europe.

The idea for her coloring books sprouted from her extensive travels and the rich memories each city held for her. Each book in her series, titles like ‘Dear Charleston,’ ‘Dear Charlotte,’ and ‘Dear San Diego,’ is a personal homage to the places that shaped her. Mary meticulously selects images that resonate with her experiences, filling each page with warmth and personal significance.

Interestingly, Mary’s journey into the world of writing and publishing was not a traditional one. With a background in biology and no prior experience in publishing, she took a course on publishing, which dramatically opened her eyes to the possibilities within the field. This led to the birth of her coloring book series, which she self-publishes through Amazon’s KDP program. Her approach is hands-on, involving everything from selecting images to coloring the pages herself, despite having two teenage children who are less than enthusiastic about assisting her.

Her Books are no ordinary coloring books; they are filled with her memories and her deep love for the places she has visited. Mary’s coloring books are unique because they mix art with memories of her travels. Each book is like a diary that uses pictures instead of words. She picks images that mean something special to her, from places she has visited and loved. Her books let others see what makes each city special through her eyes.

Her work is a testament to her life’s journeys, showing her love for exploring new places and capturing their essence in her books. Through her creative work, Mary shares more than just beautiful scenes; she shares a part of her life and her heart. Each page of her coloring books invites people to join her in appreciating the unique beauty and character of each city she has explored.

Mary’s inspiration comes from her lifelong fascination with cities and the joy of discovering new places. She hopes her books inspire others to explore, appreciate, and celebrate their own city or the cities they visit. Her coloring books are designed not just as keepsakes but as interactive guides that encourage users to engage with the city’s landmarks before or after visiting them.

Balancing her role as an operations manager, a mother, and a creator isn’t always easy, but Mary finds joy in the creative process, likening it to relaxation akin to walking through a national park. This joy keeps her motivated to continue creating, even when juggling multiple responsibilities.

Mary has big plans for the future of her coloring books. She wants to create books about many more cities, not only in the United States but also in Europe and maybe even other parts of the world. She listens to what her readers want and plans to make books about the cities they ask for. Mary hopes her coloring books will be used by people as travel guides, gifts, and ways to learn more and feel closer to different cities. She imagines someone using her book to explore a city before or after they visit, making the experience even more special.

Mary Catherine Foley is a creative and inspiring artist. She turns her love for traveling into coloring books showing bright, beautiful cities. Her books do more than just show pretty pictures. They help people connect with places in a new and exciting way. Coloring in her books can be calming and joyful, helping people relax and feel happy as they think about different cities. Mary’s work is important because it helps people see the beauty in cities and makes them feel like they are traveling, even if they are just sitting at home coloring.

In conclusion, Mary Catherine Foley’s journey is not just about creating books but about crafting experiences that allow others to connect with cities in a deeply personal way. Her work celebrates life’s journeys, the memories we gather, and the colors we add to the blank canvases of our experiences. Her story is a vivid reminder of how creativity can turn simple ideas into impactful realities, enriching our lives and the world around us.

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