Jonathan Diaz: Finding business solutions for people since 2011

Jonathan Diaz: Finding business solutions for people since 2011

Meet the young and dynamic entrepreneur who founded and developed multiple successful companies, including Code 113 and Glossy Smiles, Mr. Jonathan Diaz. Jonathan was born in 1996 in the United States of America. He was only fifteen years old when he founded his first company. Through his entrepreneurial career, Jonathan has been able to work with some of the world’s finest brands. Big organizations such as Samsung and Crunch Fitness. His passion for entrepreneurship could be seen from his childhood. Jonathan founded his first company when he was merely 15 years old. Jonathan was waiting for the right moment to jump into his business’s forte which is SaaS offerings in the field of computer science.

Initially as a creator, he started navigating through this market and slowly started raising enterprises across his native place. His companies work under the brand names known to the world as RealeHub, Credit Dyno, Code 113 and Glossy Smiles. The companies comprise a group of businesses and tools, created for helping in the ease of creating more businesses and solving technical problems for other innovators and businessmen. Jonathan is proactive in the sense of introducing to the market problem-solving software for businessmen who are looking for a reliable platform to help them kick-start their businesses and achieve their goals. Even for more sophisticated entrepreneurs and business owners, Jonathan is currently working to create new tools such as and Most of the new services provided by him will be SaaS offerings and will involve a comprehensive business approach. For instance, is a LinkedIn automation software.

The times are very exhausting and highly demanding these days. It feels very interesting to see a youngster grasping the intricacies of real-world problems and solving them successfully.

Derek Robins

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