Join QueenNak at The Musical Concert in Beverly Hills on November 12, 2022

Join QueenNak at The Musical Concert in Beverly Hills on November 12, 2022

QueenNak is an artist and philanthropist who has been performing since she was young. She has released several albums and performed live concerts around the globe.

QueenNak is also referred to as China’s Black First Lady because she was the first foreigner to represent China at the 2014 Milan Expo Arts Exhibition. She is the star of the reality series “Rolling with the NAKS,” where she uses her platform to advance black culture in China.

QueenNak was actively involved in both school and community organizations during her college days. Being an admirer of arts and humanities she also won the title of Queen of Embrix Club in 2011.

She was the first person from Sierra Leone to represent her nation at the 2013 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Arts Exhibition. She rose to prominence in China and came to New York to chase her dreams and ambitions.

Not only is she known as a fantastic musician but also for her skills in painting, fashion designing, and being an activist. She works as an artist and donates the money she makes from the sale of her pieces to organizations that support the underprivileged across the globe. For the purpose of fostering cultural interchange through music, QueenNak also writes songs that incorporate Afrobeats and other cultural elements.

She is the CEO and founder of the QueenNak Foundation, QueenNak Luxury Brand, and the Du Yi International Cultural Festival. Giving away free CDs, wristbands, T-shirts, and other QueenNak goods to everyone is another act of kindness QueenNak is known for.

The singer has performed in several countries around the world, and now she’s bringing her show to the US. After the pre-party on November 11, 2022, in Beverly Hills for “Art 4 Peace Awards”, QueenNak will be seen on the Red Carpet on Saturday, November 12, 2022, for another musical concert.

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