John Trah: The rising entrepreneur in the online advertising and marketing world, turning e-commerce brands into success stories.

John Trah: The rising entrepreneur in the online advertising and marketing world, turning e-commerce brands into success stories.

Trah, with his e-commerce brand called ‘ECOMWOLF’, has proved his mettle as an astute advertising & branding entrepreneur in the competitive industry.

In a world that is so driven by the online mediums and platforms, today to imagine to grow a business without using these mediums is next to impossible. Such has been the growth of the digital world over the past few years, especially. And, moreover, due to what the world is facing currently caused by a global health pandemic, it has become even more crucial for businesses and brands to take steps to better themselves in the competitive business industries. This has further necessitated the use of digital mediums and the various opportunities it offers to people that can lead them to ultimate success if used the most correct way. The world of social media is growing to exponential levels and is also opening up many doors of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Optimizing these mediums is John Trah, who with his e-commerce brand called ‘ECOMWOLF’, is making every possible effort to turn entrepreneurs, small business owners or newbies in business into success stories through his brand’s high-quality lead generation using robust social media marketing techniques and strategies.

The brand ECOMWOLF is one of a kind brands based in Greece that started its operations in 2017 and in just three years has emerged as one of the leading brands in the industry, becoming a specialist in e-commerce, branding and social media marketing, under the astute leadership of Trah.

Many new businesses today are clueless about how to start or go about in the industry and do not get proper help in social media marketing and e-commerce. Coming to the rescue of all such business owners and professionals, Trah with ECOMWOLF helps e-commerce businesses to scale their ventures, helping them reach to 6-7 figures through his innovative and robust services in paid traffic, free traffic and branding.

John Trah recently had shared many thoughts on why he thinks people fail to make a mark in the business world and what they need to do. He says people have the habit of only giving excuses and waste their precious time on activities that do no good to anyone like partying, night outs, etc. Rather than saving up money, people tend to waste it on unnecessary things. Recalling his early days, Trah says that when he had started a business, he only had $30 and a broken Xperia L. He says that to make $1,000 a day, you need to spend the same amount on your business and to have 18 hours of free time every day, grinding for the same number of hours is essential.

Trah suggests people to allocate time, money and resources the most correct way and also invest money and utilize resources with the end goal in mind. Rather than being lucky, he emphasizes on becoming worthy and for this, he suggests people to consistently work hard upon themselves, gain more knowledge and stay truthful to their commitments to achieve the financial success they desire.

There are many services that Trah’s ECOMWOLF provides like social media marketing, lead generation with paid and free traffic, e-commerce consulting, content creation and distribution, website creation, Shopify dropshipping, and many more such services. If you wish to grow your business and aim to achieve all your business goals, get in touch with ECOMWOLF and follow the e-commerce brand on Instagram –

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