Joel Henry Proves Emoji Can be A Emotion-Based Marketing Tool

Joel Henry Proves Emoji Can be A Emotion-Based Marketing Tool

Joel Henry, an Italian entrepreneur, has brought about a major revolution in the area of marketing by introducing customized Emoji to blend product profile or nature of brands with human emotion thus opening up a new vista in promoting products and services.

It is a unique new way to humanize the pattern of digital marketing, proving that the emotions of human beings can go a long way in boosting the business. Joel launched an Emoji Marketing Service under his company Beliked.

This is an experiment with marketing that has turned successful. An ace photographer and travel influencer, Joel added a new dimension to business by using Emoji in digital marketing thus bringing newness in it and also psychologically motivating customers to opt for a particular product or service.

Even large companies are now using this novel marketing system of Joel in the digital space as the customers like this method. It’s due to the fact that the customers for long had been used to traditional marketing campaigns. They really wanted a change. Joel brought it. His Emoji is attracting customers. 

This perhaps is the first major attempt by a digital marketing influencer like Joel to make methods of advertising and marketing campaigns more emotion-based. We all know once a customer is sentimentally and emotionally moved, he or she will go for the product or service.

Here, Joel scripted a success story of an Emoji-based digital marketing campaign which is absolutely a new method in which creativity played its supreme role. Besides, the customer’s engagement in such Emoji-profiled products or services also came to be seen very prominently.

Joel, in fact, brought about a marked departure in the area of digital marketing for different companies engaged in producing goods and services through this unique method. With this, the Emoji-based influencer marketing era has also been dawned by Joel.

This became evident from the fact that Joel now is being ordered to create more marketing-emotion-based Emoji to convert trade queries into sales thus boosting the business. Emoji-based digital marketing may soon storm the global business method, thanks to Joel.

To understand the success of Joel’s new marketing method, we find that increased numbers of companies in Italy currently are asking him to create strong expressive Emoji representing the basic nature of product and service to draw the attention of prospective customers.

Emoji-based digital marketing is the product of the ultra-creative mind of Joel who earlier also promoted the tourism industry in Italy during the pandemic time when it was toeing a downward curve with the help of his creative photography.

This made him emerge as a very popular travel influencer and tourism marketer. His company Beliked played a crucial role in it. Now it is his Emoji-based digital marketing method, which is doing the rounds in Italy’s business world.

With this, Joel has proved imagination and innovation in marketing communication can go a long way in promoting products and services to push the profit line of sales platforms to go up. During the pandemic time when almost all business segments are down in sales, such an imaginative Emoji-based marketing strategy was really the need of the hour.

Joel’s Emoji reflects the exact nature of the product or service. A single Emoji speaks volumes about the nature and characteristics of the products and services thus conveying their inner meaning in a very intelligent yet hilarious manner. They attract the eyes of the visitors to the digital marketing platform of the business companies. Emoji, thus, is the new Avtar of marketing innovated by Joel.

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