Jasper Ly throws light on his journey and how his brave choices led him to the forefront of the cannabis markets in Toronto

We got in touch with him to ask him a few questions about his journey and how unique is his business, Spiritleaf Scarborough.

Enough has already been discussed about people carving their own niche and building their own journeys relying only on their innate skills and talents. However, there are a few professionals whose consistent business efforts and work, in one way or the other, become headlines for their respective industries. Very few entrepreneurs and businesses were found in the cannabis industry through these years making their prominent name, but Jasper Ly is an exception and showcases his A-game in growing his unique cannabis business in Scarborough, owning his independent franchise store Spiritleaf Scarborough, which has become the go-to dispensary for the best cannabis products in Scarborough and Markham.

We asked a few questions to Jasper Ly to understand his journey as a millennial entrepreneur.

  • Why the cannabis industry?

Because I feel it is time for people to take more risks in their journeys and choose sectors that have the full potential to take them forward in their pursuits of becoming top entrepreneurs of the world. I saw the need for a trustworthy cannabis store and dispensary in Scarborough, and hence I thought to grow the industry in the city by owning Spiritleaf Scarborough.

  • How has your journey been as a millennial entrepreneur?

It was definitely challenging as I was learning-unlearning many things, but I also felt the need to make people understand the benefits of the plant and how it can elevate their experiences in multiple incredible ways. Mine is an underdog story of a man who took significant risks in the competitive Canadian cannabis space. However, my team and I worked rigorously to find ways to fight this and thus have become a known business in the city.

  • What makes Spiritleaf Scarborough different from the rest?

The sheer passion and dedication of the team to grow a business in a city which had no such cannabis dispensaries in itself proves our commitment and love for what we do and offer. Spiritleaf Scarborough’s extensive list of cannabis products provides customers with mesmerizing experiences and offers safe delivery services.

To find out more about them and their products, reach them through Instagram @spiritleafs.

Derek Robins

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