It takes hard work to reach where you want, proves Chelsea Justine Mimms

It takes hard work to reach where you want, proves Chelsea Justine Mimms

With the popularity of social media, there has evolved a need for different occupations who would not only affect people’s lives but also set an example of the modern world in real times. One such personality we come across on Instagram is ‘Chelsea Mimms”. This young influencer was born and brought up in Ontario, Canada and did her graduation in Arts (French). Since childhood, she had been an inquisitive child who was always attracted by YouTube videos about fashion and used to recommend the latest trendy topics to friends and family at that age too. Later on, she married her high school boyfriend and today is a proud mother of a baby girl. All of which she has documented on her YouTube channel.

The journey of being an influencer

She was quite clear about her passion for creating at a young age. Being quite passionate for style statement, she would assist people about new hairstyles, fashion and trends. Earlier she kept her YouTube channel a secret from all friends and family but later she decided to share her talent and fashion sense to people through her channel. This was her first step towards her dream where she would share her content to all. But this required a lot of editing and hard work which was a little difficult while keeping up with her university school work. This was the time she was more intended towards Instagram, which was much quick and easy way of sharing her content and ideas to her followers. Once finished school she put all of her time into Instagram and YouTube. She soon grabbed the attention of people who got connected to her sense of trends and style.

Chelsea’s share of hardships

The path as a social media influencer has been very dynamic for Chelsea. There have been a lot of changes in her career overtime to get her to this point. She started at the young age of 18 with vague clarity about how to proceed but she knew she had a passion for creating. At first, she told only her close friends, and about 4 years later decided to be open about it and posted to her Instagram about her YouTube channel. She shared her channel in hopes to inspire, help or at least entertain them.

What it takes to create content 

When she started her content was based around girly things, hair, makeup, get ready with me, etc. it is still based around that but with more focus on self-love, self-care and mommy recommendations now that she is a Mom. She also enjoys talking about her growth, tips and lessons learned so that others can be able to give this career a shot as well. She has learned so much along this journey and wants to help others any chance she gets. That is why she continues to create content and has so many interesting topics to discuss. Being trendy and being a mom is a lot of fun for her and allows her to make content that she enjoys while also sharing some amazing tips along the way. Chelsea has no plans of stopping her social media growth, if anything becoming a mother has given her a larger sense of purpose and a stronger desire to share what she learns. Follow along her journey and be inspired.

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