Iseko summer 2020 will be in mexico! Top event will be held from July 16th to 20 2020.

Iseko summer 2020 will be in mexico! Top event will be held from July 16th to 20 2020.

The first and foremost thing for every business is networking. The more you meet people, the more business ideas you will get to grow your business. There was a time when people built connections at corporate events and parties. It’s time to bid adieu to such places and let the world know about Iseko Summers – an annual itinerary-based travel destination conference which will give people the ultimate experience of networking by the beach. They say life is better at the beach. Well said, bring your business by the beach amidst cocktails and pool parties where one can connect with professionals and entrepreneurs from different walks of life.

This summer 2020 is all set to be a grand affair as Iseko Summers 2020 will take place on the shining sands of Cancun, Mexico. Join the experience at The Breathless Resort in Cancun, Mexico for 5 days from July 16, 2020 to July 20, 2020. The event will be one of its kind where people will not only get to explore different beautiful travel destinations but will have access to many fun activities along with building personal and professional connections. The event aims to not only create business opportunities but will also give the business tycoons a break from their work-life.

Be it business seminars or exclusive parties, mastermind workshops or the adventure excursions; the event looks like a perfect vacation for all the attendees. If you are a business-minded person who wants to sit back and build connections while enjoying holidays, Iseko Summers 2020 is the ultimate destination to meet like-minded people like you. The final day of registration is June 1, 2020. Iseko Summers 2020 will be hosted by some of your favourite celebrities including Safaree Samuels, Bernice Burgos, Juju Castenenda, Sharon Ooja, Osas Ajibade, Tola Odunsi and JKrunk. The guest speakers at the event will be Jade Ashley Colins, Chris Williams, Kashief Edwards and Juju Castenenda. To know more about it and to book your tickets, visit the website

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