Isaac Bradley reveals all about how he keeps going in the harsh entertainment industry:

Isaac Bradley reveals all about how he keeps going in the harsh entertainment industry:

Isaac Bradley is born in Los Angeles, CA and was brought up in South California. Besides music, he has other hobbies like football, hiking, Basketball. About Isaac Bradley’s education, we got to know that he didn’t attend college much but he studied acting for three years at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

From an outside perspective, his life might seem to be shiny and everything good but the entertainment industry is not an easy one to work in. Though he is settled in his life at this moment, he has faced several rejections and has struggled his way up. He says you need to develop thick skin otherwise the rejection is going to bring you on to your knees. In life, he further adds, we cannot control other people or the result of our labour. The only thing we are in control of is ourselves. Hence, keeping yourself under check is important.

This is what Isaac Bradley’s strengths and weaknesses revolve around as well. His biggest strength, the very thing that allows him to keep his sanity even in the face of criticism is his ability to get up after life knocks him down. And to get up and this time, be able to fight against what hurt him in the first place. On the other hand, however, constantly having to fight the world makes Isaac his own biggest enemy. When no one else’s opinion matters, your own is the only one that does and Isaac admits that he is often too harsh and critical of things he has done or those that he should have.

In all these hardships, however, Isaac Bradley is very lucky to have people who support and encourage him to put his best foot forward and live a fulfilling personal and public life every day. His friends and family have had his back since day one and Isaac is infinitely grateful for that. Apart from that, Isaac Bradley is also a decently religious person and mentions his faith in God to be one of the greatest motivators in his life.

Bradley is also thankful to Don B. Welch, his mentor in all things artistic. Under his umbrella, Isaac has taken part in several projects. The biggest is probably the film that is filming now, by the name of BABYGIRL, for which Isaac is the executive producer. There is a lot more we can expect from Isaac Bradley in the future. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases both as a musician and actor.


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