iOS 17.2, which will have amazing new iPhone features, is almost here

iOS 17.2, which will have amazing new iPhone features, is almost here

The next iPhone software, iOS 17.2, is almost here and might be released as early as next week. The final software version, known as the iOS 17.2 release candidate, was reportedly sent to developers on December 5th, according to Mac Rumors.

Following the emergency security update iOS 17.1.2, iOS 17.2 is a significant release that brings with it several amazing new features for the iPhone, including the Journal app. Along with several significant security updates, the iOS 17.2 update also brings with it a number of improvements to apps and functions like Airdrop, Weather, Camera, and Apple Music.

In advance of the release of iOS 17.2, here are a few of the greatest new features to anticipate.

iOS 17.2 Verification of Contact Key

Contact Key Verification in i Message is, in my opinion, one of the nicest new features arriving in iOS 17.2. The new iPhone security feature, designed to assist combat the growing spyware issue, stops hackers who have gained access to cloud servers from reading or listening in on your i Message conversations.

You will be notified if someone is listening in on your discussions once you have updated to iOS 17.2 and enabled Contact Key Verification. Whether on Face Time or in person, you may also use a Contact Verification Code to be sure the person you are communicating with is who they say they are. It’s kind of cool, huh?

The accessibility of Contact Key Verification in iOS 17.2 is one of its best features.In contrast to Lockdown Mode, which essentially renders your iPhone unusable, Contact Key Verification has no effect on functioning.

iOS 17.2 Security Features And Bug Fixes

Since updating to iOS 17, a few users have experienced glitches. While these are regrettably an unintended consequence of the new iPhone software, they can nonetheless be bothersome. Hopefully, Apple has addressed certain bugs in iOS 17.2 so that anyone experiencing Wi-Fi problems will no longer have to worry.

As for the iPhone security improvements, iOS 17.2 ought to have a few. I’ll be sure to go into more depth in a new post as soon as the update is available.

iOS 17.2’s Journal App

In addition to all of this, iOS 17.2 comes with the eagerly awaited Journal app, which lets you journal while protecting your personal iPhone information. Face ID and Touch ID may be used to lock the Journal app, and i Cloud Sync makes sure that your journal entries are encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.

That’s it—iOS 17.2 will be available soon, possibly within a few days. It’s anyone’s guess as to when Apple will release iOS 17.2, but I’d wager on Tuesday. To make sure you don’t miss any of the next iPhone updates, be sure to often check your iPhone Settings and subscribe to my Forbes page.


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