Introducing the activities of a successful Iranian startup managed by Safar Noor Mohammadi pour

Introducing the activities of a successful Iranian startup managed by Safar Noor Mohammadi pour

CEO of Sedna Tejarat Atiye said: Sedna Tejarat Atiye started its activity with the aim of producing hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic industrial devices. Our main goal is to export the primary and secondary products that we produced ourselves.

“Safar Nurmohammadpour” explained the activities of Sedna Tejarat Atiye company in a press conference and said: On 16 February 2017, Sedna Tejarat Atiye company with registration number 17780 officially started its activities and before that we had group activities in the form of training. .

Nur Mohammadpour pointed out the general activities of this company and added: Our general activities are the production of industrial devices; The production of hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic devices are considered as the main branches of our production.

He continued: In addition to them, the hydroponic fodder production machine for animal husbandry is one of our other products.

He said: Another goal of ours is to be active in the field of export and import. Companies that operate commercially produce and export a series of products, or the opposite is done abroad.

Noor Mohammadpour explained: There are many fields of employment for devices, for example, the device for growing vegetables at home, which are new jobs, and we added technology to it.

Localized devices

The managing director of Sedna Tejarat Atiye explained: zero to one hundred devices are indigenous to the company and have no dependence on other countries in terms of technology, and it is a local product and local expert staff of Sedna Tejarat Atiye.

He emphasized: None of our production devices are outsourced and all of them are produced within the company itself.

Noor Mohammadpour pointed to the different departments of the company and added: The departments of the company include the body department, the circuit production and the assembly department, and our activity is in the field of job creation through these devices.

He said: According to the constitution of our company, the attraction of capital and investment is on industrial devices, the capital that is in the hands of the people is attracted to the company, and devices are produced through these funds, finally we can produce the device itself. and its secondary product.

He added: The provision of fruit drying machines is one of the other products of this company, which is completely exclusive and has no similarity with other samples and is completely specialized. These devices are produced and provided according to the climate and conditions of each province and city .

The managing director of Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh said: Any type of device that customers receive is completely free of charge, and free of charge is given for the sale and export of secondary products.

He explained: Sedna Tejarat Atiyeh family has 6,800 members, and the capital of all members has been formed for the production of devices and the production of secondary products of devices.

Referring to other agencies, Noor Mohammadpour said: We have agencies in Urmia, Tabriz, Ardabil, Tehran, and Zanjan, and our sales route is based on the condition that after free consultation, the production group and the production supervisor will go to the desired location where they want production to take place. refer and provide the necessary guidance based on the conditions of the place; In West Azarbaijan province, the cities of Khoy, Selmas, Shahin Dej have representatives, and we have representatives in Tabriz, Tehran, Ardabil and Zanjan.

He clarified: All our products are pre-ordered and we don’t have any ready-made devices. The devices are made to order and we have cash and installment sales terms with full support.

He pointed out: We have had discussions with the development and development department of the Urmia Army regarding the development of villages and we will cooperate.

He added: We are trying to make the company’s products move towards knowledge-based products and be able to export to other countries.

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