Interview with Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer, Rahul Mehra aka “theeffortlesschap”

Interview with Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer, Rahul Mehra aka “theeffortlesschap”

Rahul Mehra, hailing from Kolkata, India, has started finding a niche for himself in the world of social media. He does not shy away from experimenting with his outfits and is looking to inspire ambitious, carefree and fashion-conscious men to become influencers as well. Not only is he a fashion blogger but is soon going to launch a YouTube channel as well that is dedicated to all things luxury and fashion.
Better known as “TheEffortlessChap” across social media platforms. He is a strong advocate of having a unique sense of style and makes sure that his followers are always served quality content. Success on Instagram is not guaranteed and there is a lot of hard work that needs to go into curating a feed that he thinks will appeal to his followers but more than that he will be happy with as well. He says, “Honestly, I never planned on doing something big on Instagram. The account developed over time. I just made sure to post regularly and put my content across in the most interesting way possible. Of course, there have been various inspirations along the way. I follow some extremely talented bloggers and influencers who inspire me and they are the ones who have inspired me to become an Influencer myself – @iamgalla, @marianodivaio, @justinliv.

Once I began on this journey, there have been some funny instances and many lessons learned but slowly and surely I began getting positive feedback, which, to be honest, played quite a vital role to boost my confidence. And that’s when I knew I had chosen the right path.”
Within a year in this field, Rahul has collaborated with over 15 brands and there is more to come. It is a matter of immense pride to see his Instagram family going and appreciating his content and it only makes him want to work harder to reach newer heights, get more collaborations and enjoy more fruitful relationships with different brands. He has learned over time that with the role of an influencer there is a certain responsibility attached to it as well. A responsibility where he has to be mindful of message the brand wants to promote and that he doesn’t lead his followers astray with whatever brand he is associated with.
He signed off with, “There is a lot of effort that goes behind the scenes in the making of a successful influencer. It is not a one-person job. My photographer-turned-friend Devang Bhandari has been the backbone of my work. He is the real artist behind the photographs on my feed. There is always that one friend who has your back no matter what and finds unique ways of instilling confidence in you in the worst of times and for me that is Sourabh Ladhani- he never lets me forget why I am doing what I am doing. Last but not the least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mother, who has sacrificed a lot herself but been my constant supporter when it comes to my work. It’s a big blessing to have such a strong team around me.”
Do head over to his Instagram feed @theeffortlesschap to stay up to date with everything in the world of fashion, lifestyle and grooming.

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