Inside the Unstable rise of Bo Boy 20

Inside the Unstable rise of  Bo Boy 20

Bo Boy 20 recently dropped his new single “Bo Man” and the accompanying music video featuring Boman. The single is now available on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and all music streaming platforms.

Bo Boy 20 belongs from Cleveland. He is rocking the internet with his art he has been rocking the internet over the last year or two. This year after he released his new single Bo Man become the fans favourite.

 Bo Boy 20 wants to be known as much more than the voice behind the number-one album and song in the country. The accolades are nice, he says, but the 20-year-old rapper would rather his legacy be defined more by community impact than charting singles. Bo Boy 20 says he’s spent his early rise trying to avoid the spotlight altogether. “I don’t really partake in the celebrity aspect of it all. I don’t go to parties, I don’t hang out, I don’t really talk to nobody. I don’t really consider myself a celebrity,” he explains. “When the world catches me outside, then it’s like, ‘Oh shit, it’s Bo Boy !’ I’m cool about it, as long as my personal space isn’t threatened. It’s funny, I’m not a celebrity, I guess I’m just known.

It’s not that Bo Boy’s uncomfortable with success; he’s just ambivalent about the dressings that accompany it. Bo Boy 20 is on a mission to prove himself to be more than a chart-topping success. He wants to be the voice of his generation, a Compton emblem like Kendrick and YG and Dre before him. “Fame won’t change me,” he says. “It’s a blessing to be somebody that people look up to and can connect to emotionally.”

You can follow more about Bo Boy 20 on His Instagram @BoBoy20_

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