Influencing the RV Industry Like Never Before

Influencing the RV Industry Like Never Before

With the emergence of off-road camper trailers and caravan manufacturers, the popularity of camping has been skyrocketing for the past few years. The inventors and manufacturers have gone some extra miles and pushed themselves out of the woodwork to bring forth their best designs and inventions.

The COVID pandemic has brought devastation upon the entire world, and industries have suffered big time in terms of losing their businesses. The RV industry has been able to maintain its balance remarkably. The travel trailers and RV orders are surging, campgrounds are packed, and dealer stocks are de-escalating. However, this upgrade affects the dealers, manufacturers, and buyers in the industry differently.

It has been a while since the demand for RVs is rising. For a while now, dealers in the RV industry have started measuring the age of a company’s inventories not just for months or weeks but for mere hours as well. Because of this, the inventories are becoming lesser every day on dealer grounds. In addition, most people are turning towards personal orders and retail sold units. It has caused an increase in the total amount of retail orders to be recorded as an all-time high.

Unfortunately, aluminum, copper, steel, and wood are among those crucial raw materials that can go short in supply. Moreover, the pandemic has caused these unfortunate overlaps that have led to inventory shortages for a while now. The huge reason for this can be the insufficient production of inventory by the manufacturers or delay in the deliverables.

To overcome these delays in the RV industry, Ecocampor has come up with the intention to manufacture as much high-quality campers as possible. The company is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. The great mind behind the concept of the firm is Pinglong Wu. The company serves at a global level and delivers the most refined products worldwide.

The team of Ecocamper keeps checking the company’s inventories daily and is striving hard to plan ahead of time. The company is also innovating its ways of coming up with off-road campers that can facilitate the end-users with more features. It has expanded the frame of its products from usual off-road camper trailers to pontoon boats, speed boats, caravans, truck campers, and speed boats. Moreover, the workshop it possesses occupies more than 40 thousand square meters.

The company ensures optimal deliveries, for which it has an entire setup for a quality checkup. It strictly analyzes the quality of all the material used to produce final deliverables. RV experts take this responsibility on them to avoid all sorts of disturbances in quality. Thus, if any raw material fails to meet experts’ expectations, it is discarded immediately.

After the material inspection process, the company starts focusing on production. The quality assurance officers are hired to check the under-constructed RV components. Once they approve the manufacturing to be free of fault, the trailers proceed to the final stage. Ecocamper begins with a more detailed RV inspection for the final and most important stage. At this stage, the dedicated team of quality assurance steps in to check the working capacity of electric components, durability, and other security systems involved. For all the trailers to leave the workshop, the approval of the experts is a must factor for the company.

Being an innovator, Ecocamper stands by the quality of its products and services. Moreover, the company is carving its way into the RV manufacturing industry like never before.

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