HASSAN COMPOSER is back again with his new single: I Love You

HASSAN COMPOSER didn’t have an easy road to get where he is today.

It is clear that his courage and determination are unmatched by possibly in the musical field today. And with an ‘Omri Ettani’ My New Life album, ‘i Love You’ single and another on the way, there’s no doubt fans won’t get tired of Hassan Composer’s tracks.

Completely self-taught and navigating the music industry as an independent artist, Hassan Composer continues to take career steps left and right.

He has over 100,000 Facebook followers and is featured in international press articles and other internet music magazines.

Hassan Composeur is happy to share his journey with others, knowing how difficult it is to start alone in the music industry.

So, to those who may be following in his footsteps, he declares:
« Song writing and production It’s not about taking pictures with the camera and putting them in order and presenting them as life It’s a fusion of everything I’ve seen and learned All the books I’ve read, the music I’ve heard, and the people I’ve loved All the memories you lived and the stories you passed by They all put them in the “feel mixer.”

To produce the ultimate song juice.

Hassan Composer will continue to work hard to gain recognition and build credibility as an artist, which we don’t expect him to have trouble doing. To learn more about Hassan Composer and stay up to date with his latest projects, you can consult it on the following links:



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