Infitnite, Revolutionizing The Life Of Gamers By Leveraging RPG Gaming Mechanics

Infitnite, Revolutionizing The Life Of Gamers By Leveraging RPG Gaming Mechanics

When you hear the word fitness, what comes to mind? Endless toiling in the gym as your trainer yells, “you can do this!”. After that, you spend days nursing joint and muscle pain. Yet, there are pain-free ways to shed the extra weight. 44% of Americans avoid the gym because they are anxious about the pain. Yet obesity is an epidemic that is spreading, especially with the rising popularity of Gaming.

Studies show that gamers spend more than 7 hours each week playing video games. Most gamers have played more than 4 hours consecutively. The gamers’ sedentary lifestyles and poor health choices put them at risk for their wellbeing.

Luckily, Infitnite has launched a personal coaching and fitness service that’s out to change the narrative.

Infitnite is a premium online coaching service specializing in providing gamers coaching. This coaching service offers a new twist to fitness as it leverages gaming mechanics inspired by popular fantasy role-playing games into its training systems.

Some of their gaming mechanics include:

  • It is an avatar-based tool where people are given the freedom and flexibility to create the warrior they want to embody. The training helps them turn this warrior into a reality.
  • An online educational platform and mobile training application provide the foundational tools, knowledge, and long-term, transformational success strategies.

Infitnite has partnered with leading organizations that provide the highest quality products and services. These organizations are Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC), Hyperice, and Legion Athletics.

Founder Walter Chambers states, “Infitnite is all about long term sustainability over short term satisfaction – something the fitness industry lacks.”

Infitnite stands out because of its gamer perspective. Their services allow individuals to visualize the life they can achieve to become the best version of themselves.

Personal coaching helps gamers unlock their superpowers. Walter states, “Gamers already have the foundational skill sets that they use in gaming (motivation, commitment, discipline, focus, and awareness) to be successful with their fitness goals (or any goal in life).”

Unfortunately, most gamers are not aware of their highest potential. They suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence, a sedentary lifestyle, chronic aches and pains, and poor social lives. These issues directly impact their health, relationships, work and end up impeding their personal growth.

Infitnite has extensive testimonials from clients who have benefitted from their services. One of their clients states that “Infitnite was the only one that listened to me and tailored a plan that suited me and my needs instead of a one size fits all plan.”

Gamers with an issue of alcohol addiction have also benefited from the program.

Walter says, “Gaming is growing in popularity, and there definitely is a correlation between Gaming and obesity. However, there is no current solution to reduce the severity of this problem. Infitnite’s solution is to teach gamers the mental, nutritional, and physical lifestyle habits to help them achieve their goals and maintain their results for their lifetimes.”

Infitnite offers a much-needed service to help people enjoy the virtual space without destroying their health and wellbeing, with the metaverse niche forecasted to expand.

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