In Windows 10, how to uninstall the “Edge browser” using PowerShell

In Windows 10, how to uninstall the “Edge browser” using PowerShell

The right PowerShell command entered in the correct envelope can achieve the errand.

Except if you or your company effectively find a way to prevent it, Microsoft will reveal another Chromium-based Edge browser to your Windows 10 PC before the finish of 2020 (in the event that they haven’t as of now).

This new form of Edge replaces the more established Edge variants, which have been renamed as deplored legacy browsers. The establishment of this new Edge browser additionally flags the finish of Internet Explorer, which should satisfy numerous cybersecurity specialists.

As indicated by Microsoft blog entries and answers to client’s inquiries, the new Edge program can’t, and ought not, be uninstalled from a Windows 10 PC.

Yet, there is for sure an approach to uninstall the Edge browser that includes a particular PowerShell order acted in a particular document organizer on a particular record. The topic of in the case of uninstalling the Edge program is a smart thought, notwithstanding, is still easy to refute.

This how-to instructional exercise tells you the best way to uninstall the new Edge program from Windows 10 utilizing PowerShell.

Note 1: This strategy works for Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 and Edge Version 84. Microsoft updates highlights and establishments intermittently, and this strategy may not be viable in a future cycle.

Note 2: You will need to download and install a substitution program before you uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser.

Uninstall Edge program in Windows 10

To uninstall most applications in Windows 10, the initial step is explore to the Apps and features page of the Settings menu. Snap or tap the Start Menu button, click the Settings symbol, and afterward select the Apps and Features link. When you look down to the Edge entry (Version 84) in the applications list, the Uninstall button is turned gray out.

To uninstall the Windows 10 Edge internet browser, we should utilize PowerShell. Open File Explorer and navigate to this record envelope somewhere inside the Program Files (x86) organizer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\

Still in File Explorer, open the record envelope with the Edge version number, in our model it is named 84.0.522.63.

At that point open the “Installer” organizer to discover the setup.exe record, the document we are searching for. The total way to the correct organizer should look something like this

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\84.0.522.63\Installer

Since we are in the correct envelope, open a regulatory level PowerShell meeting in File Explorer by clicking File | Open Windows PowerShell | Open Windows PowerShell as administrator. This will open an occasion of PowerShell situated at the right document folder.

Enter the accompanying order at the PowerShell brief:

setup.exe – uninstall – system-level – verbose-logging – force-uninstall

That blend of commands and parameters ought to uninstall the Edge program from your Windows 10 PC.

Because it very well may be done, doesn’t mean it ought to be finished

On an individual note, they would NOT suggest you uninstall the Edge program from Windows 10.

Microsoft has vigorously incorporated Edge into the internal activities of the operating system and uninstalling it could cause huge system instability.

In the event that you need to utilize another internet browser like Chrome or Firefox, download it, introduce it, and afterward set it as your default program.

There is actually no compelling reason to make the extraordinary stride of uninstalling Microsoft Edge, especially in the event that you are an novice client of the Windows 10 operating system.

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