Improved Tesla Model 3 Performance with a Dash Made of Carbon Fiber

Improved Tesla Model 3 Performance with a Dash Made of Carbon Fiber

Something really unique was seen in an upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance that was sighted in the wild. The future Model 3 Performance appears to include a carbon fiber dashboard, based on pictures of the car.

Tesla Motors Club (TMC) member Watts_Up spotted the newly upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance in San Francisco. Watts_Up noted that the car had 19-inch tires on it. The car, a white prototype with camouflage covers on the front and rear, was captured in many images by the TMC member.

It’s interesting to note that the car the TMC member saw did not appear to have been made at the Fremont Factory. The fact that its VIN was “LRW3E7ET8PCR00287” suggested this. A Tesla’s VIN with a “C” indicates that Gigafactory Shanghai, China, is where the car was made. To put things in perspective, the 11th digit on a Tesla Model 3 manufactured at the Fremont Factory should be a “F.”

Even though the TMC member’s pictures are fairly basic, it’s hard to deny that the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance looks significantly different from the standard Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) versions thanks to its carbon fiber dash and sports bucket seats. The updated Model 3 Performance’s carbon fiber console and bucket seats further emphasize the idea that it is built for long distance driving.

It appears that the improved Tesla Model 3 Performance will soon be available. Two completely unveiled, updated Model 3 Performance units were observed in Valencia, Spain, towards the end of last month, seemingly for an advertisement. At the time, the cars were distinguished by certain features including new aero wheels and a special Ludicrous insignia on the back.

The updated Tesla Model 3 has generated a lot of excitement. After all, it’s perhaps the most entertaining and economical performance car that Tesla has ever produced. It is faster than its bigger sibling, the Model Y Performance, and it is smaller and lighter than the Model S Plaid, which makes it more agile. The Model 3 Performance was also Tesla’s most reasonably priced performance vehicle until it was taken off the company’s order website.

Sanchita Patil

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