Ignite International Now Has A Corporate Dream Team Behind Dan Bilzerian

Ignite International Now Has A Corporate Dream Team Behind Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite International, Ltd. is gearing up once again for a national launch and this time, the spotlight is on a new line of products. On the outside, while they might seem like just another celebrity-backed company, the brand’s undeniable quality proves quite the contrary. Although the company faced management challenges in the first half of the year, those have been resolved and Ignite now looks ahead to a very exciting 2021.

Devoted to a standard of quality that embodies superiority within each and every product, today, the new Ignite management team is comprised of a prominent group of distinguished individuals that together continue to strive to raise the brand’s degree of excellence. With this newly assembled team in place, Ignite heads into 2021, poised for substantial sales growth across all the different product lines.

At the helm of the company comes John Schaefer with over 25 years of comprehensive experience in high-growth manufacturing and operations with a heavy emphasis in retail disciplines. During his time as a senior leader with the grocery titan conglomerate, Wegmans and as a former executive at Bayer (formerly Monsanto), Schaefer managed to successfully create and implement efficient, state-of-the-art operations and supply chains for start-ups and multi-billion dollar businesses.

As Ignite’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Schaefer plays an integral role in developing the Ignite brand’s diverse portfolio of quality products, finding innovative ways to satisfy the customer, resulting in revenue growth.

“Ignite has reached a pivotal moment in its development,” says Schaefer. “We have the right team and the right products to serve an engaged community of loyal customers. The Ignite brand reflects the lifestyle of our consumers – successful, young and independent trend setters.”

The company’s CFO, Paul Dowdall, brings years of experience in both privately held as well as publicly traded Consumer Products organizations. His resume includes heavyweight household name companies including Apple, Blackberry and Bell Canada. Inspired by the brand’s dedication to excellence and quality, Dowdall’s experience in leadership has contributed largely to the business side of the brand. As the CFO, Dowdall has been instrumental in cutting unnecessary costs and supporting the sales and operations teams. The potential for explosive growth in 2021 attracted the astute CFO to Ignite.

“Ignite is a brand that stands for something important; great products, authenticity, and innovation,” says Dowdall.” Being able to contribute to this in a meaningful way is powerful in itself.” Dowdall has had extensive experience in restructuring various finance departments, so after spending five months improving Ignite’s finance department, he is looking forward to publishing Ignite’s Q4 results, which he believes will show a significant improvement including the first profitable quarter for Ignite.

Recently launched under the leadership of the company’s visionary National Accounts Director, James Gracely, was Ignite’s performance beverage, Z-RO. The seasoned executive comes from major market beverage company, Bang Energy. Adept in sales strategy, with over 20 years of experience, Gracely now looks to position Ignite’s Z-RO to be recognized as an industry-leading competitor in the performance beverage, nutrition and CPG sector.

But now, as the company heads into quarter four, Ignite looks to newcomer Greg Solomon who joins as the company’s new Senior Brand Manager. After recently spending six years at Coca-Cola and coming from the alcohol and spirits sector prior to that, Solomon, brings a demonstrated history of success working in beverage, alcohol & spirits, and CPG industries, particularly pertaining to brand management and marketing. With the company’s diverse portfolio of products, Solomon is working to maintain a consistent brand identity across each product line.

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of the launch of our beverage brands with our performance beverage Z-RO. Our Spirits line, including Vodka and Tequila, will launch in 2021,” says Solomon. “Happy to be a part of a company where a ‘quality-first’ approach is fundamental to the brand and our products.”

With a new strong management team now in place, Ignite is forging ahead, committed to curating a lifestyle brand that consumers identify with and enjoy on every level. Whether looking for a health and wellness outlet through premium CBD or a performance beverage with Z-RO, the brand speaks to a young, vibrant, independent, successful lifestyle.

To learn more about IGNITE and their products, visit their website.

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