If someone is talented, then they will definitely succeed!

If someone is talented, then they will definitely succeed!

Not everyone has abilities and talents since childhood., but this is definitely not about Ekaterina Kuznetsova. At the age of 4 she took her first steps towards her dream. Rhythmic gymnastics obeyed the girl immediately, and soon her parents rejoiced at her success. Even a serious back injury did not discourage her desire to play sports. Today she is known as a successful athlete, champion, international class judge of the highest category, co-Head judge of the World Championships and Secretary of the World Wakesurfing Association.

Sports have always accompanied her through life – swimming for back rehabilitation, tennis, horseback riding. Despite the fact that, by the advice of her parents, the girl chose an academic education (philological faculty of the St. Petersburg State University), professional sports returned to her life anyway. Mr. Chance led Ekaterina to a rather young, but already popular kind of sport – wakesurfing. We can safely say that it was love at first wave. Ekaterina’s champion character and dedication did their job. Six months later, she was invited to participate in the World Championship, and although then, for obvious reasons, she did not take a prize, this experience became the starting point for subsequent victories.

Today, Ekaterina Kuznetsova is a four-time European champion, bronze medalist of the 2021 World Championship in the Masters Female Skim category, winner and prize-winner of many other wakesurfing competitions. Her extraordinary abilities and achievements in the sport led her to join the Competitive Wake Surf Association, an organization dedicated to the active development of this sport around the world. The girl became the first non-American woman who was elected to take the honorary position of Secretary of the CWSA. This appointment opened up new prospects for her, namely, membership in the executive committee of the organization and the right to be a judge at the World, European Championships and other competitions at various levels in this sport.

Moving to the United States in March 2022 became inevitable for Ekaterina and her family, although the decision was very difficult. She still continues to work, train and compete, coach fellow athletes. According to the girl, she has a special relationship with America: the way of life of Americans suits her, she likes the work and business approach here, it is easy to implement her plans. Ekaterina plans to create her own wakesurfing school and her own training methodology in order to share her vast experience and knowledge with riders, to develop and spread this unique sport in the US and beyond.

Success is the destiny of strong, purposeful and talented people. These words absolutely fit the description of our heroine, who has a reliable patron – her own extraordinary abilities. As you know, there are no barriers for a person with talent and abilities, love for work! 

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