Female Aussie Entrepreneur takes over U.S Soil one box at a time…

Female Aussie Entrepreneur takes over U.S Soil one box at a time…

Female Australian ‘Aussie’ entrepreneur Erin Williams is taking over U.S soil one box or should I say one business at a time… I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Erin on her businesses, new business and life! 

Some would say one business is hard enough to run and manage, however this young female entrepreneur  is certainly not afraid to take a risk or work hard with two print magazines, a PR agency, a talent agency for kids, homeware business and now launching her new business a men’s health and lifestyle subscription box ‘YehMate’. Erin said she has been working on this for over a year with a little secret that we will also be seeing a female version in the next few days launching also! 

I am tired just hearing her talk about everything…ha!

When I asked Erin how she manages it all, she replied with a laugh and said “some days are hard, and some days I don’t manage it all, but I continue to put one foot in front of the other and push through. I also have an amazing right hand who I love and we are a great team and that helps A LOT”. 

When I asked Erin if she was afraid of failing at anything and I was really inspired by her response “Not really if I’m honest. I will start again and again and again if I have to, of course I hope I don’t fail but unfortunately life isn’t that easy and I have failed before and may even fail again (hopefully not) but I am ok with that, that is how you learn and grow from mistakes, and how you become better. If I lived my life scared to fail, especially as a business owner I wouldn’t grow, evolve or expand. I also try to not look at things like I have failed, rather just it wasn’t the right road for me to take or the right time and now feels like the right time more than ever for all the things I am doing and creating.”

Let’s talk about YehMate. Inspired by all the great males Erin has in her life with a big focus on Men’s Mental health, YehMate will be a monthly subscription that ‘blokes’ across the globe can purchase and have delivered straight to their front door filled with health, wellness & lifestyle products designed by YehMate themselves with a few other brands thrown in too. 

Launching a brand like this in the U.S and hearing Erin speak and use words like ‘bloke’ makes me laugh and something tells me this is going to be BIG! Her aussie humour is keeping this interview easy for me to do with her easy going but fierce personality to succeed. 

YehMate is a men’s health and lifestyle subscription box designed for men to purchase and receive a box monthly or quarterly filled with all products that make them feel good and look good. “We have designed it to be affordable, easy to purchase and easy delivery”. We all know the importance of mental health these days especially for men and when I asked Erin why she wanted to have a strong focus on that area she gave me a pretty personal insight on why. 

“Unfortunately my Fiance lost his father due to mental health who was also a very close friend of my father’s and seeing the heartache that that leaves behind with the family, friends and community that loved him is hard, sad and a mix of emotions for all involved but especially those closest to that person. It is something that you can’t explain and not even I can if I am honest. You just have to be there for the people that are grieving the loss. Death is never nice, but suicide is something you will never move on from. I praise my fiance, his brother and mother for handling things the way they have. You either sink or swim Jake (my fiance says) and he swims everyday and some days that might be a bit bumpy and 6 years on it is not easier, but you learn I guess in a way how to handle the situation a bit better and his outlook on life has continued to remain positive amongst all the sadness and that I sometimes think how the hell do you do it..  Together our families will never forget his Dad and his HUGE personality and he will remain a big part of our lives, stories, laughs, tears and celebrations for the rest of our days.

So with having several great males in my life, a fiance, brother, brother in-laws and father who I love all very much and would hope that if any of them are ever struggling they know there is help out there or ways they can help themselves. This box is something I have wanted to do for a long time but wanted to add something different to it and that is why we have chosen to have a Men’s mental health focus. Life is hard, but we don’t need to make it harder for ourselves. So one of my hopes for males that purchase ‘YehMate’ they can get a sense of positivity, happiness, all whilst receiving some dope products to make them look good of course haha, and feel good! 

We will also be working with doctors, therapists and other amazing people along the way doing lives on socials each month so we have a lot of great things in the pipeline coming for YehMate. 

Tomorrow when we launch we have a special ambassador we are announcing also which I am super excited about as he is a great guy and perfect to kick off YehMate here in the U.S.” 

Thank you for sharing not only the above with myself, but to everyone else that reads this article. It is hard talking about personal things like this let alone sharing it to the public so I appreciate that. I am truly inspired by your work ethic, your drive, your passion and your incredible push to succeed and make a difference throughout your businesses. 

I don’t know who raised this girl… but if you are reading this you have done a great job. She works ‘bloody’ hard. 

Go follow Erin’s socials below:

@influenced_collection (female version)

Grab your mates and jump on board with YehMate! 

Good luck with the launch tomorrow and thank you for a great interview! 


Jason Laing

Jason Laing is an author who is now a multi-level marketing executive. He has lots of ideas about ongoing issues and concerns. He also wrote news about that and published it on ustimesnow.com.
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