The DNA Legacy Begins

The DNA Legacy Begins

Great things are happening in Los Angeles !

The WCW wrestler Ice Train (Harold Hogue) and His Brother Crypto mogul and investor (Billion) Billy Hogue. Discover the phenomenal motivation speaker and body builder C.T. Fletcher owner of Iron attic’s gym! Is in fact a blood cousin through a on line DNA test ! It’s amazing how similar they look and have the same faith in God their son’s Myles son of ice trains and Samson son of C.T. Fletcher’s definitely have the athletic ability of their dads. 

They tore down the gym doing old school 21’s a curling style from back it the day ! the guys showing the natural brut strength It was truly amazing!This very spiritual encounter was beautiful you would never believe they are meeting for the 1st time ! This family reunion was not just about the Hogue brothers and the Fletcher’s. They also donated memberships to local kids to get them off the streets and into the gym! Billy Hogue said it’s a blessing to see we come from different places in life but the same type of people in our core we all felt the connection! Harold spoke about the time him and C.T. Crossed paths in the airport waiting on a flight and exchanged numbers not knowing that they were related but felt a connection! C.T. Recalled a time that a mutual friend of theirs WCW’s Booker T. Ask him years ago if he knew train? And he said not at all but he is a big MF’ ! Booker T said man I bet y’all related! Turns out he was right all the years ago ! Well now it seems the guys are coming together in the weight room and pushing positive messages to the communities about the importance of knowing truly who is your blood and how to heal from the effects of slavery on families in modern day Society! To see the reunion go no YouTube CT Fletcher family reunion in the valley to watch

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