Howling Meta Wolves Debuts as the Next Big NFT to Dominate the Metaverse

With the Metaverse constantly shaping and evolving on a weekly, if not daily, basis, there have been many kinds of NFT collections that are known to grab potential investor’s interest. One of the more iconic and profitable types of NFTs are those built around DAOs. Having your NFT built around a DAO is always a good thing, as it allows developers to automate decisions, facilitate cryptocurrency transactions and focus on the one extremely important aspect of making sure NFT collections survive and thrive: the community.

On top of all the benefits of being built around a decentralized autonomous organization, an Eusocial DAO excels over other categories of NFT because of impeccable design and a strong focus on having a strong foundation in its community to get the ball rolling. Eusocial DAOs have the clear potential to dominate the blockchain, and the Metaverse is stirring with its latest – and possibly greatest – addition: the Howling Meta Wolves.

What are the Howling Meta Wolves?

The Howling Meta Wolves is an NFT collection unlike any other, featuring 8,888 highly unique and well-designed pieces mintable to the public. This collection debuts later this year, with each Howling Meta Wolf meticulously designed by artists who have had extensive experience in the digital art space, and who have personally worked in major companies such as Disney, Ubisoft, Netflix, Lionsgate, and much more! With designers like these, no wonder there is already a strong buzz stirring about these one of a kind mintable wolves.

The Howling Meta Wolves collection isn’t just your run of the mill basic set of NFT collectibles, as each of the Wolves feature an ensemble of fun and exciting clothing and accessories to make them stand out among the rest, with various color-ways and customizations to keep anyone interested and boost reliability and resale value in the crypto market. This is what’s great about the concept of the Howling Meta Wolves. These NFTs maintain their independent design and aesthetic while seamlessly working together as a community – as a wolfpack – in order to lead the charge and howl their way through the Metaverse.

What’s even more appealing is the fact that the concept of a Meta Wolf is centered around the concept of an Alpha Wolf as well. We all know how Alpha Wolves are highly competitive and extremely advanced members of their race, and the designers wanted to incorporate that into the Howling Meta Wolves as well. Just think of it like this: 8,888 Alpha Wolves, coming together to form a wolfpack unlike any other. A wolfpack where each Meta Wolf retains what makes it an Alpha while focusing on the power and strength of being in a community of like minded individuals. It’s definitely more than just an NFT project; the Howling Meta Wolves is a project that has the potential to give rise to more and more projects and opportunities to anyone lucky and wise enough to mint one for themselves.

Focusing on Community Growth

The Howling Meta Wolves centers around a revolutionary type of DAO, one that centers on the essence of a wolf being a creature that rises up when others are weak. The Howling Meta Wolves DAO is built with community in its core, and features a community fund that is not only created by the community but is managed by it. The wolfpack basically decides which projects it invests its fund in. The NFTs invested in with either be retained and traded as they gain value to ensure the longevity of the fund or given to HMW Holders as giveaways! Not only that, but the Howling Meta Wolves will also play a major part in certain planned partnerships and collaborations with other key players in cyberspace and beyond. These collaborations, along with merchandise competitions and global events, will cement community growth and support throughout the lifespan of this NFT collection, and will be a proven testament to the success that can be achieved when everyone works together.

Project Roadmap

Much like other successful DAOs in the space, this NFT project will launch with the primary intention to give full and unequivocal ownership to each person that mints a Howling Meta Wolf. Full IP rights to the artistry will be given, and the owners shall have complete freedom to do with their piece however they prefer, in whatever means they deem necessary. Each NFT mint shall also come with a 3D Metaverse Ready file to ensure that you’re able to use your Howling Meta Wolf in most recognizable digital platforms available today!

At the same time, project administrators will be working tirelessly to ensure the Howling Meta Wolves community fund actively thrives and grows. After this, it’s only a matter of time until the wolfpack expands its reach to other major platforms, as wolves in the blockchain continuously grow off of each other’s success and collaborate to bring the entirety of the Howling Meta Wolves to the next level of NFT supremacy. This may seem incredibly ambitious, but the Howling Meta Wolves are definitely one to look out for in cyberspace. After all, this ambition is not without merit, and the designers and developers have placed incredible trust and preparation into getting things done – just as a wolfpack should. Lastly, the Devs have already hinted towards a time machine concept that points at the longevity of this project.

For more information on upcoming updates and announcements, including the upcoming launch coming very soon, don’t forget to follow this project on their social media channels linked Here. Alternatively, you can also visit their website – which is now LIVE at, or you can engage with the community early on at their exclusive Discord Community .

Derek Robins

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